Featuring CAMS Grad Chris Baur ’13

18 May 2015

Chris Baur

During his senior year at Carleton, CAMS alum Chris Baur produced a sound studies-oriented comps project, Arb Sonics.  Now working at an integrative medicine research institute in Washington, D.C., Chris has continued to pursue his interests in music and audio production out of his home studio, Namtab Studios. Recently he teamed with current Carleton senior Ella Fox ’15 to produce a five track EP titled Castles.  The songs are reflective, rich, and melancholy with vocals/piano (performed by Ella) and acoustic guitar (performed by Chris).  The album was mastered at Bias Studios, a leading music studio in Washington D.C. responsible for launching the careers of music industry legends such as Mary Chapin Carpenter and Dave Mathews, among others.  Chris and Ella are currently completing several other tracks recorded with a band at Namtab and Bias studios and anticipate releasing another EP this summer.

Castles EP

Album Notes: Castles was released on April 8th, 2015 and made its radio debut on Carleton College’s KRLX radio station. Original music and lyrics are performed and composed by Ella Fox. Music was recorded and mixed by Chris Baur at Namtab Studios and mastered by Mike Monseur at Bias Studios, in Washington, D.C.

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