Congratulations to CAMS Comps Presenters, Winter Term 2017

17 April 2017

Congratulations to the twelve senior CAMS majors enrolled in comps 2017 (winter term) who presented their work to the public at an all-day symposium on Saturday, April 15, 2017. It was an exciting and engaging day and the CAMS faculty could not be more proud of your accomplishments.

Alex Berlin, essay film exploring expatriate identity in Eithiopia, “Among”

William Thorpe, photography exhibition of Chicago, “Strangers in Urban Spaces: Urban Geometry”

Ali Reilly, feature length genre screenplay, “The Devil’s West”

Suhail Thandi, film analysis paper, “Bollywood’s New Representations: The Changing Role of Women in Hindi Cinema”

Madi Emenheiser, videographic essay, “The Social Horror Cycle in American Cinema”

Zizi Li, theory paper, “Theorizing Instagram: Ontology, Epistemology, Aesthetics”

Brian Gordon, experimental animation, “Perception and Feeling, Then Meaning”

Zach Leonard, found footage documentary film, “Cut Rate Tapes”

Camille Sanchez, documentary film about the erosion of shoreline on Cap Ferret, France, “After the Storms”

Tumi Akin-Deko, buddy comedy film about student-professor relationships, “An Evening with Professor Abney”

Ibad Jari, documentary film about a musician, “Suburban Savage: The Evolution of Chan Poling”

Joshu Creel, television pilot script and show bible for a fantasy series, “The Enemy’s Enemy”

Ian MacEneany, fiction film about a doppelganger, “Going, Gone”

Many thanks to CAMS department assistant Farrah Pribyl for providing lunch and refreshments, to Paul Bernhardt, Theresa Heitz, and CAMS Production Office showrunners Bobby, Claire, Lea, Pilot, Urmila, Austin, Fernando, Paul, Peep, and Brendan for producing the show, and to CAMS majors and other attendees for the thoughtful questions and astute remarks; you helped bring out the best in our presenters.

CAMS Comps Symposium Spring 2017 MORNING SESSION

CAMS Comps Symposium Spring 2017 AFTERNOON SESSION 

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