Composer Andy Brick Lectures on Film and Video Game Music

11 November 2015

Andy Brick

Composer Andy Brick recently visited Professor Ron Rodman’s CAMS 242: Sound and Music in Television and New Media class. The course covers the theory and production of sound and music in radio, electronic soundscapes, electroacoustic music, and film and video. Students create sound artworks using LogicPro and other sound engineering software, including a podcast of a radio show, an electronic musique concrete or sound art piece, and a musical accompaniment to a short film or video using pre-existing music. Brick introduced students to musical techniques and compositional processes behind his score for the the Academy Award nominated animated short Runaway, an endearing story of an unshakeable friendship between a boy and his refrigerator.

Andy Brick is a prolific composer, conductor and symphonist of music for such popular video game titles as Sim City, Stranglehold, Sims 2, Arc The Lad, KidPix Deluxe, and the Kingdom Series. He has conducted and orchestrated both live concert and recorded soundtracks for Super Mario Bros., Halo, Final Fantasy, Portal 2, Mafia 2, and the Civilization V Series of games. Andy’s scores have appeared in a number of animated feature and short films including Little Mermaid II, The Lady and The Tramp II, and the Academy Award nominated Runaway.

In 2007 Andy was commissioned by Walt Disney to compose and conduct music for Sinbad’s Storybook Adventure. In 2008 Disney/ABC Television again commissioned Andy to write new music for ABC’s legendary Schoolhouse Rock series. His Tone Poem: The Story of The Red Rose was used in its entirety on the film of the same name and earned him best original score for the film which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2011 his score for the independent film SHIFT helped that film earn the highest of artistic accolades when it was acquired as part of the permanent film exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami.

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