CAMS Seniors Present at CAMS Comps Symposium

1 February 2016

Congratulations to all fifteen CAMS majors who presented their senior comps projects and papers at CAMS Comps Symposium recently:

AJ Van Zoren and Robert Chen, pilot episodes for a multi-camera web series, “Logged In”

Charlie Kilman, critical analysis paper, “Reel Nature: Digital Landscapes in Contemporary Fantasy Film”

Kayla Becich, research paper on film distribution practices, “Snowpiercer and Experiments in Disruption: A Case for Closing Theatrical Windows”

Hannah Sanchez, photobook about student style and gender identity, “Unapologetically Me”

Cathy Lee, short film inspired by K-POP media in Korea, “Kaila Sue: Lost Fantasy”

Theresa Heitz, critical analysis paper, “‘We Call Each Other Sister’: Melodrama, Cultural Negotiation, and Women’s Bodies in Orphan Black”

Jack Turzillo, short fiction film exploring gendered identity, “Hunk”

Lily Eisenthal, critical analysis paper, “Excess and the Radical Feminine Aesthetic in Věra Chytilová’s Daisies and Fruits of Paradise”

Grace Davis, critical analysis paper, “Rhoda the Beautiful: Negotiating Gender and Proper Femininity in TV Sitcoms Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda”

Veronica Garcia, documentary film, “Casa, Home, Leaving”

Sarah Abdel-Jelil, experimental film, “Kerkethen: A Dance Time-Lapse”

Roberto Nieves, photobook about national and personal identity, “Puerto Rico Suyo”

Jonah Barry, experimental narrative film exploring consciousness and self-actualization, “John: A Day in the Life”

Gisell Calderon, experimental film exploring the mobilized gaze, “O: A Railroad Journey”

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