CAMS Professor Rini Keagy Presents Ordinal [SW/NE]

18 January 2016

Rini Keagy's Ordinal

CAMS professor Rini Keagy recently gave a public talk on a multi-media installation, Ordinal [SW/NE], which she co-produced with artist Miljohn Ruperto. Ordinal [SW/NE] explores valley fever, a disease endemic to California’s Central Valley that is caused by a fungal spore residing in the soil. Humans may become infected by the spore when it is airborne on the wind and inhaled. The project combines digital video of a scientist commenting on the causes and effects of the disease; a stereoscopic wiggling image of Pazuzu, the mythological demon of the southwest wind; animated footage of a dust storm; and a reenacted scene from John Steinbeck’s novel, Grapes of Wrath, which was not included in John Ford’s film adaptation. The installation was featured at the Todd Madigan Gallery at CSU-Bakersfield in April 2015 and is now being developed as a film.