CAMS Professor Cecilia Cornejo Presents New Documentary Film to Overflow Audience

19 December 2015

Skateboard Film Poster 2

CAMS professor Cecilia Cornejo premiered her new documentary film, Make No Noise: The Story of a Skatepark, to an overflow crowd at the Weitz Center for Creativity on Sunday, December 19 at 4:30pm. A second screening has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 27 at 7:00pm in the Weitz Cinema. Focusing on skateboarders as a subcultural group, the film opens up larger questions about the democratic process, citizenship, and how the use of public space is negotiated within a community. The film is a collaboration between Cornejo and representations of the Northfield Skateboard Coalition.  “I made a commitment to the coalition to film until there was a permanent skatepark,” Cornejo says, adding that she didn’t think it would take as long as it did.  With shifts in community leadership, the project took some time, but the skatepark finally opened in August 2015.  The film has been in production for three and a half years.  Members of the coalition helped Cornejo film and conduct interviews for the project.  Cornejo had not worked collaboratively before so the process was a bit of an experiment. “I had several brainstorming sessions with members of the coalition,” she says.  “A lot of the direction of the film came from them.  I asked them what story they wanted to tell.  When I felt stuck, I remembered that the film was about having a dialogue with young people. I have great respect for them. In some cases, they are more reliable than adults.  The story of the film pays tribute to that, and attests to their ability to persevere when needed.”

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