CAMS Majors Jonah Castañeda Barry ’16 and Veronica Garcia ’16 Have Comps Films Accepted to 1st Annual ACM Film Festival

4 February 2016

CAMS majors Veronica Garcia ’16 and Jonah Castañeda Barry ’16 will present their senior comps films at the 1st Annual ACM Student Film Conference and Festival, to be held April 1-3, 2016 at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Veronica’s film, “Casa, Leaving, Home,” is an experimental documentary that explores her personal relationship to family and home.

Veronica Garcia

Jonah’s film, “John: A Day in the Life,” is an experimental fiction featuring a protagonist on a mythical journey through four stages of life.

Jonah Barry

ACMFILM showcases the best creative and academic work from student filmmakers, screenwriters, and scholars from ACM affiliated campuses. ACMFILM offers students a rare regional educational opportunity and seeks to bridge the geography of film, bringing it from the Coasts to the Midwest. In addition, ACMFILM provides a forum for students to exchange perspectives and learn from distinguished media artists and industry professionals. A selection committee composed of faculty, professionals in the field, and students from the ACM member schools, make all programming decisions, and an independent festival jury will recognize top submissions.

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