CAMS Major Theo Morris ’18 Reflects On His Academic Advising Experience

15 April 2016

Theo Morris '18

The academic adviser I’ve had for the last two years left to go on sabbatical last term. I needed to find a new adviser for my final term as an “undecided,” so I requested a CAMS professor because I knew that I was going to be a major in CAMS.  I was so excited when I found out that my new adviser would be Carol.  After meeting with her about the CAMS off-campus studies program, we talked a little bit about the classes I’m taking this term.  I said something about one of the artists that we’ve been looking at in my digital photography class, and all of a sudden our conversation jumped to the manipulation of the natural environment, Scandinavian architecture, the relationship between geology and astronomy and art, and how insignificant it would seem to represent humanity on a map of the universe or a timeline of the Earth (billions and billions of years). The discussion was never one-sided and we fed off each others’ ideas. I love that I can speak to my adviser not only about registering for classes but also the ideas in my classes.

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