CAMS Major Kayla Rudess ’18 Selected as Student Department Adviser

26 April 2017

Kayla Rudess '18

The CAMS faculty is pleased to announce that Kayla Rudess ’18 has been selected as Student Department Adviser for 2017-18.

Kayla is a double major in CAMS and Asian Studies and concentrator in East Asian Studies currently studying in Japan.  She knows the CAMS curriculum well, has interned at MTV Viacom, Vidku HQ, and Over the Edge Productions, and is interested in pursuing a career in production management.  In her application statement, Kayla remarks on the importance of building a creative community within CAMS, especially given the collaborative nature of production. She would like to develop more focused attention on summer internship opportunities for majors as well as more of a social media presence for the CAMS community.  She fully intends to continue the tradition of student gatherings known as CAMS at the Rueb. Be sure to congratulate Kayla and thank her for your willingness to serve the CAMS community in this important position.

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