CAMS Grad Rob Yeagle ’16 Publishes in Film Matters Journal

2 June 2017

CAMS grad Rob Yeagle ’16 had an essay based on his CAMS senior comps project published in the undergraduate film studies journal, Film Matters (Winter 2016). Rob’s comps project was advised by Professors John Schott and Jay Beck.

Rob Yeagle '16 

In his published essay, “Espana Reimagined,” Rob examines the contemporary Spanish film industry and argues that Spain’s economic crisis is not only stunting the production of films, but also fundamentally changing the core identity of the industry itself.  He examines how the crisis is influencing the film sector in two distinct ways: foremost, shifting financial structures are polarizing the budget stratification of Spanish films, and secondly, domestic economic pressures are forcing Spanish filmmakers away from historically traditional “Spanish” genres.  Ultimately these two trends exemplify fundamental change within the industry and provide new insights into the contemporary path of Spanish cinema.

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