CAMS Grad Diana Fraser ’14 has Comps Film Accepted to Festival

1 November 2014

The Little Things 

CAMS grad Diana Fraser’s senior comps film, The Little Things, has been accepted to the short film competition of Film Festival Flix.  After receiving the most votes during the September “Favorites” competition, Fraser received $250 in prize money. The film is now moving on to the Finals where it will be judged alongside nine other shorts on November 21st for a grand prize of $2,500. The audience determines the vote after the live screenings in North Hollywood, Denver, and Dubuque. This is Fraser’s directorial debut.

Director’s Statement: As part of my senior thesis, The Little Things serves as my contribution to both traditional and more current romantic comedy genre conventions. It integrates the female-driven stories of the late 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s into what I like to call the “Mainstreamed Marginals” cycle, and lends itself to the thematic trends of alternate romcom narratives. By adopting a marginalized female-centric plotline while exploring an adjusted partnership as the Happy Couple’s “happy ending,” Claire is allowed to be an independent, modern woman and the everygirl we remember from the days of simplistic romantic comedy. And as we discover what her happy-ever-after looks like, we might just see a glimpse of our own.

Director Biography: Diana Fraser is the video producer for DreamWorld Studios in Eden Prairie, MN and an independent film producer in her spare time. A 2014 graduate of Carleton College in Northfield, MN, she has produced six short films over the last year and a half, including two Carleton Tiny Toni grant recipients and a 2013 Princess Grace Honorarium Award film. The Little Things, her directorial debut, can be viewed here:

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