Cinema & Media Studies (CAMS)

Cinema & Media Studies at Carleton is devoted to the interdisciplinary study and production of moving images and sound. The curriculum features a wide range of course offerings in film studies, visual studies, sound studies, digital video and audio production.

Can I major in it?  Yes, indeed, you can major in CAMS at Carleton.

Topics explored: Hollywood, independent and global cinema, film genres, film directors, film sound studies, fiction and nonfiction video production, animation, audio recording and production, site-specific and installation media, digital art, visual culture, screenwriting, writing for television, television studio production.

How to get started: Recommended courses for first-year students are CAMS 110: Introduction to Cinema & Media Studies (a film analysis course) and CAMS 111: Digital Foundations (an introduction to digital video production course). These courses are offered multiple times each year.

First-year students are also welcome to enroll in CAMS 177 Television Studio Production, CAMS 186 Film Genres, CAMS 187 Cult Television and Fan Cultures, CAMS 264 Story Development Workshop, and the film history sequence, taking any of these courses in any order: CAMS 210 Film History I, CAMS 211 Film History II, and CAMS 214 Film History III.