Carleton welcomes visiting filmmaker Lynne Sachs

Monday, May 13 through Sunday, May 26
Mar-G Commons (downstairs from Kracum Performance Hall)
three silent works (11 mins total) running continuously
“Drawn and Quartered” (4 min. Color, silent. 1987.)
“Same Stream Twice” (4 min. Silent, 2001/2012.)
“A Year in Notes and Numbers” (3 min. Silent, 2017.)

Monday, May 13 through Sunday, May 26
Hamlin Space (downstairs from Kracum Performance Hall):
five short works (35 mins total) running continuously during gallery hours:
11am to 6pm Monday through Wednesday
11am to 9pm Thursday and Friday
noon to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

“Still Life With Woman and Four Objects” (4 min. B&W, sound, 16mm. 1986.)
“Window Work” (9 min. Color, video. 2000.)
“Noa, Noa” (9 min. B&W and color, 16mm film. 2006.)
“And Then We Marched” (4 min. 8mm film. 2017.)
“Carolee, Barbara, Gunvor” (9 min. 16mm and 8mm film. 2018.)

Monday, May 13 through Friday, May 26
Mar-G Commons
on display: A Film Is Not a Formula collaborative sculptural film installation

From May 13 to 17, anyone in Carleton’s Weitz Center for Creativity can collaborate on our hands-on interactive filmmaking project. Participants in this expanded cinema art work have access to pieces of 35mm movie film. Our intention in this project is to give you the chance to pull apart a “movie” and to see how each individual frame represents 1/24 of a second in time. Juxtaposed together, these frames create story and meaning. They also become part of a shared repository of images, a cultural archive that sustains, surprises, and disconcerts us each and every day.

Here’s all you need to do become a part of this collective endeavor:
Choose a piece of film from the hanging laundry line. We have magnifying loupes to help you look at each frame.

  • Take the piece of film to the project table and transform it using dyes, blades, sandpaper, bleach colored markers, and so forth. We suggest wearing gloves (provided) when using dyes or bleach.
  • When you’re finished working with your film, mount it on the exhibition light table with clear tape. In this way, your piece of film becomes a part of a collective cinematic collage.
  • Sign our sheet, with the list of artists who have participated in the project, so we know how to credit you.
  • Try using a loupe and your cameraphone to photograph and upload your work #afilmisnotaformula.

Monday, May 13
12:00 pm Weitz Cinema
The House of Science: A Museum of False Facts (30 min. 16mm. 1991.)
The Washing Society in collaboration with Lizzie Olesker (44 min. Digital video. 2018.)

5:00–6:45pm Mar-G Commons

International Film Forum 7:00 pm Weitz Cinema
Tip of My Tongue (80 min. Color. 2017.)

Tuesday, May 14
11:00 am–1:30 pm and 5:00–6:30pm: Weitz Commons
No appointment necessary. All are welcome to collaborate with Lynne Sachs on #afilmisnotaformula.

Wednesday, May 15
11:00 am–1:30 pm: Weitz Commons
No appointment necessary. All are welcome to collaborate with Lynne Sachs on #afilmisnotaformula.

7:00 pm Weitz Cinema
Artist Talk: The Joy of Filming
In the spirit of classics like the The Joy of Cooking or The Joy of Sex, Lynne Sachs will present an interactive lecture in which she will share her own process (or recipe) for making films.

Thursday, May 16
12:00 pm Weitz Cinema
A Biography of Lilith (35 min. 16mm. 1997.)
The Wind in Our Hair (42 min. Video and 16mm & 8mm film. 2010.)

These events are made possible by: the Distinguished Women Visitors Fund, Arts @ Carleton, Women and Gender Studies, the Center for Community and Civic Engagement, and Cinema and Media Studies.