2018 Chemistry Annual Report


Welcome to the first post-Mudd Chemistry Annual Report. This is the second report to be written mostly from the department’s temporary offices in old Music Hall. As you may know, the college is in the process of constructing an integrated science complex that will link Hulings and Olin halls to a new 50,000 square foot building that will house classrooms, labs, and offices for Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. The new combined facility will bring together those three departments, along with Biology, Computer Science and Psychology. To make way for this new space, Mudd Hall was demolished in the fall of 2017. While we were sad to see Mudd being clawed at by backhoes and then carted away in dump trucks, we have spent much of the rest of the year watching with fascination as the concrete footings were poured and the steel skeleton of the new building was erected. The last piece of steel is scheduled to be installed this summer, concrete floors have already been poured on all the levels, and the new space will be completely enclosed by December. The department should be able to move in to our new offices and labs by the fall of 2019. You can follow the progress online at https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/doc/Sci_Plan_Const/. (There is even a live webcam.)

In the meantime, the department is a bit dispersed. Our offices are in Old Music, intro and organic labs are being taught in Hulings, which is also the temporary home of the NMR, while the advanced labs are being taught on the ground floor of Olin. The temporary spaces are surprisingly nice, but of course we will be excited to be back together in one building a year from now. 

Although the construction has certainly been on our minds all year, there has been plenty of other news in the department. This fall we were lucky to have Visiting Assistant Professor Alexei Novikov join us for a term to teach Organic Chemistry I. Alexei came to us from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and is now in a research position at the University of Minnesota. There was a bit of other shuffling in teaching assignments, with Matt Whited taking his first shot at teaching Organic Chemistry II, while I joined Steve Drew in inaugurating the departments new replacement for Equilibrium & Analysis, a course called CHEM 224, Principles of Chemistry II. Many more details of the year can be found in the following pages.

We hope you enjoy reading about our now graduated senior class and alums. As always, we look forward to seeing them and you at future Carleton reunions, ACS meetings, and other events. When you visit, make sure to check in on the construction progress and check out our new spaces! Keep in touch.

July 2018

Joe Chihade, Chair

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The Class of 2018

Wisdom Akpan – Florissant, MO – worked for a medical device start-up last summer. Previously did research with Prof. Marty Baylor (Physics) and in an REU position at Iowa State. Plans are to work for a few years, go back to school, and then “take over the world”.

Saki Amagai – Chicago, IL – was an RA and one of the leaders for Women in Math and Science. While at Carleton, hobbies were skiing and playing jazz piano. Last summer she worked in Dr. Anthony Oro’s lab at Stanford University to explore the cause of basal cell carcinoma. This summer Saki will begin working as a research technician for the next two years in Kathy Green’s lab at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. One of her projects will be understanding the role of Desmoglein-1 adhesion molecule using a Desmolgein-1 knockout mice model.

Anirudh R. Appachar – Salem, OR –worked last summer doing Immunology Research at Mie University School of Medicine, in the lab of Professor Motomu Shimaoka. Anirudh is currently working as a 5th year for the ITS department at Carleton until December. He was active in the badminton club, Japanese Circle and MOSAIC during the years at Carleton.

Lisa C. Au– San Francisco, CA – did a data visualization internship at the University of Cape Town where she created an interactive dashboard to look at greenhouse gas trends of the energy sector in South Africa. This summer’s internship was found through the Career Center. While at Carleton, Lisa was part of Energy Club on campus and was actively involved with TRIO/SSS as a Peer Leader.

Olubusayo A. Bolonduro– Shoreline, WA – did summer research in 2017 at the University of Washington’s Department of Genome Sciences in the lab of Bob Waterston. This summer, he will be doing cancer genomics research at Harvard Medical School/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Brittany J. Brookner – Bethesda, MD – last summer Brittany studied for the MCAT and underwent an outpatient surgery. This summer she is working on a post-bac research fellowship at NIH. Rugby, KRLX, Career Center, Ice Hockey and College Buddies kept her busy while at Carleton.

Jack Buckner – Seattle, WA – worked last summer at Montana State University as part of an NSF REU program working in Nicholas Stadies group researching carbon-based materials for energy storage. In particular he used Raman spectroscopy and AFM to gain a better understanding of the structure of the materials others in the group were creating. The primary objective of his work was to attempt to isolate single layers of highly boron doped graphite. He was also a math major and is hoping to use what he learned there in his future work. He is also very interested in environmental science and tried to learn as much as possible about this topic through courses in chemistry and other sciences. He is very interested in mathematical statistics, mathematical modeling of natural systems and some aspects of Information theory.
On a non-academic note, he competed on the track and field team for four years and had been captain the past two. Jack also sang in an acapella group for his first three years at Carleton.

Ben Byun – St. Cloud, MN – was part of the Dr. Davis Shadowing Program at St. Cloud Hospital last summer. He is currently working as a Quality and Safety Analyst at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. While at Carleton, Ben played in an all cello ensemble called ‘Just Cellin.’ “We’re on YouTube. Please check us out!”

Sarina R. Chaiken – Menlo Park, MN – did Ob/Gyn Research at UCSF under PI Dr. Jennifer Kerns last summer. Sarina is in medical school (MD/MPH) at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland, OR for the next five years. She was an abortion doula and worked with Green Thumbs here at Carleton.

Madeline B. Chosy – Madison, WI – last summer Madeline did polymer chemistry research with Dr. Chris Bowman at CU-Boulder. More specifically, she tested how the addition of various thiol monomers affected the behavior of liquid crystal photopolymer materials using dynamic mechanical analysis. She also demonstrated the conversion of light into mechanical energy using dye-coated polymer films, building on previous work done by the Bowman lab and others. This summer she’ll be in Madison, WI, in a volunteer position with the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. In the fall she’ll be heading to Palo Alto to begin her chemistry PhD at Stanford. During her time at Carleton she enjoyed leading Energy Club and participating in swing dance (especially west coast swing).

Benjamin Corman – Bellevue, WA – was a Cord Blood Program intern at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle last summer and is now working as a lab tech at Massachusetts General Hospital. Ben was involved with club soccer, KRLX, student band and the dining hall while at Carleton.

Samuel Diaz de Leon – Yuma, AZ – has been doing research at Carleton College with Joe Chihade studying aminoacyl tRNA synthetases. Among other things like aaRS expression, he focused on the compilation of all the aaRS sequences for 14 different Helminth worms last summer. This summer, he will be learning French and some computer science at home. Then, he will be in France for four months working under Marie Sissler furthering the work he has done under Professor Chihade. While on campus, Sam worked with the Philosophy Club, which went to Greenvale Park Elementary and led discussions with the children about different philosophical matters such as ethics, epistemology, ontology, etc. which would arise through a story in a children’s book.

Isaac C. Donnell – Portland, OR

Kate Faber – Seattle, WA – Last summer Kate did research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Dr. Timothy Bertram, using analytical chemistry to study atmospheric reactions of nitrogen oxides on sea spray aerosol particles. She was active in the theater community as a stage manager, a member of the Experimental Theater Board, and a leader of the Little Nourse renovation project. She led after-school ACT Prep and Homework Help programs at Faribault High School as a CCCE Fellow and took lessons on both recorder and harpsichord.

Ziyu Fan – China – worked at NYU Shanghai in the AI & Cognition lab last summer. Is currently doing an internship in China and will attend the Chemical Engineering master’s program at Columbia University this fall.

Elianna S. Frank – Mercer Island, WA – did research at Carleton with Dani Kohen and Gretchen Hofmeister last summer. This summer she will get ready to go to grad school at UC Irvine. Eli was an RA and in Carleton’s improv comedy group, Cujokra.

Lydia V. Hanson – Dayton, VA – worked with a surgeon at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Portland, Oregon to research socioeconomic inequalities in colorectal cancer outcomes last summer. Lydia was a mentor for Project Friendship for three years and a program director and board member for two years at Carleton.

Brandon K. Hilliard – Anoka, MN – was at Nuclear Chemistry Summer School in San Jose California last summer. Brandon will be doing pediatric cancer research at University of Chicago for the summer and then will move to New Haven, CT to do research in immunology at Yale. He played varsity soccer, club hockey, ran TOPSoccer and volunteered with Project Friendship while on campus.

Raksha Kandel – Nepal

TJ Lynch – Lyme, CT

Senjie Ma – China – conducted summer research about Rh-catalyzed asymmetric hydroformylation under the supervision of Professor Clark Landis at the University of Wisconsin, Madison last summer. He will be pursuing a PhD degree in chemistry at UC Berkeley.

Isaac Martinez – Birmingham, AL – worked at Georgia Tech with Professor Nicholas V. Hud last summer. He will be working at UAB – Institute for Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship. Isaac was rugby team president and in LASO, trap shooting and club soccer at Carleton.

Keaton Mertz – La Jolla, CA – did research with Steven Drew last summer. Keaton is currently doing research at MBARI, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Hiroshi Nakajima – Japan – was in Japan visiting hospitals and research institutions last summer. He was in cross country & track at Carleton. Hiroshi is currently preparing for medical school.

Phuong H. Nguyen – Aiea, HI – worked in a research lab at Duke University with Dr. Dwight Koeberl last summer. The research was based on medical genetics and the specific topic was gene therapy. He is currently working as a research technician at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Phuong was very involved in education community outreach and in the Carleton Vietnamese Club (Tim Viet) while on campus.

Katherine K. Ortell – Lake Forest, IL

Paul O. Peterson – Minneapolis, MN – did inorganic research at the University of Minnesota with Prof. Larry Que last summer. The chemistry was bioinorganic, and focused on the synthesis of biologically relevant iron oxo complexes. Paul will start as a graduate student in chemistry at Princeton University. He was the Editor-in-Chief for the Carletonian newspaper.

Samuel J. Purfeerst – River Falls, WI

Austin H. Rae – Wayzata, MN

Chenxi Sun – Ann Arbor, MI

Malavika Suresh – Maple Grove, MN – researched contributions of endo-lysosomal dysfunction to early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School last summer. She will be relaxing and filling out medical school applications and job applications this summer. Maalu was very involved in the Alzheimer’s Buddies program and working with women’s health through a domestic violence shelter and an abortion clinic while at Carleton.

Carl J. Thomas – Shepherdstown, WV – had an internship at the Joint Quantum Institute located on the University of Maryland, College Park campus last summer. He worked with a quantum communication research group aimed at the development of efficient mechanism for the generation of entangled pairs. Specifically, he worked on quantum entanglement of the hyperfine electronic states of rubidium atoms. Essentially, two entangled atoms would be created and excite an electron in rubidium to a high electronic state. The quantum state could then be recovered by photon emission. This type of work has implications for quantum computing, quantum communication, etc. Next year Carl will be working as an astronomer at Teton Skies, a star gazing trip organizer founded by Carleton alumnus, Ryan Hennessey. He intends to apply to graduate school in astrophysics for enrollment in the 2019-2020 year.

Aditya A. Vaze – India – worked with Chris Calderone here at Carleton last summer. He’ll be starting his perfumery apprenticeship with Aarav Flavours and Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. around September. While at Carleton, Aditya enjoyed music, especially, and plans to be active in the Mumbai jazz and electronic music scene.

Jim Zhang – China – did research in the Ozerov lab at Texas A&M last summer.

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Student Honors and Awards


Keaton Mertz, Aliza Yazdani ‘19


Cullen Irvine


Katharine A. Faber


Senjie Ma


Madeline B. Chosy


Madeline B. Chosy, Phuong H. Nguyen


Summa Cum Laude – Katharine A. Faber, Senjie Ma, Paul O. Peterson

Magna Cum Laude – John H. Buckner, Madeline B. Chosy, Jim Zhang

Cum Laude – Anirudh R. Appachar, Brittany J. Brookner, Sarina R. Chaiken, Benjamin H. Corman, Ziyu Fan, Lydia V. Hanson, Raksha Kandel, Phuong H. Nguyen, Malavika Suresh, Aditya A. Vaze


Phuong H. Nguyen


Anirudh R. Appachar, Isaac C. Donnell


Katharine A. Faber


Elianna S. Frank, Keaton L. Mertz


Anirudh R. Appachar, Lisa C. Au, John H. Buckner, Isaac C. Donnell, Katharine A. Faber, Elianna S. Frank, Lydia V. Hanson, Paul O. Peterson


Anirudh R. Appachar, Lisa C. Au, John H. Buckner, Isaac C. Donnell, Katharine A. Faber, Elianna S. Frank, Lydia V. Hanson, Paul O. Peterson


Benjamin H. Corman, Lydia V. Hanson, Raksha Kandel, Phuong H. Nguyen


Aniebiet Abasi Wisdom Akpan


Paul O. Peterson


Will DeSnoo


Eavan J. Donovan ‘19, Austin J. Heuer ‘19


Benjamin H. Corman


Jia “Jim” Zhang


Class of 2018 – Brittany J. Brookner, Sarina R. Chaiken, Benjamin H. Corman, Brandon K. Hilliard, Phuong H. Nguyen, Paul O. Peterson, Malavika Suresh


Senjie Ma


John H. Buckner, Madeline B. Chosy, Katharine A. Faber, Jonah A. Kan, Paul O. Peterson, Jia Zhang


Paul O. Peterson


Sarina Chaiken, Isaac Martinez


Aniebiet Abasi Wisdom Akpan, Saki Amagai, Lisa C. Au, Olubusayo Bolonduro, Brittany J. Brookner, John H. Buckner, Benjamin C. Byun, Sarina R. Chaiken, Isaac C. Donnell, Katharine A. Faber, Elianna S. Frank, Brandon K. Hilliard, Raksha Kandel, Isaac Martinez, Phuong H. Nguyen, Paul O. Peterson, Malavika Suresh

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Off-Campus Student Research Presentations

Alex Battiste ‘19
Senjie Ma
Keaton Mertz
Phuong Nguyen
Paul Peterson
Aditya Vaze
Jia Zhang

Eighth International Workshop on Characterization of Porous Delray Beach, Fl.
Adam Nijhawan ‘19

Samuel Diaz de Leon
Isaac Donnell

Katherine Ortell

Elliana Frank

Madeline Chosy 

Lydia Hanson

Thirty-First Midwest Undergraduate Computational Chemistry Symposium, University of Minnesota
Will DeSnoo
Adam Nijhawan ‘19

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Fall Term

122, Introduction to Chemistry19Cass
123-1 Principles of Chemistry I39Calderone
123-2 Principles of Chemistry I with Problem Solving14Kohen
224 Principles of Chemistry II43Drew
233-1, Organic Chemistry I37Alberg
233-2, Organic Chemistry I25Novikov
300, Chemistry Research  8Whited
301, Chemical Kinetics Laboratory35Hollingsworth, Gross
343, Chemical Thermodynamics24Hollingsworth
358, Organometallic Chemistry13Whited
391, 392 Independent Research  5Staff
394, Student-Faculty Research11Staff
400, Integrative Exercise  3Staff

Winter Term

123, Principles of Chemistry I28Drew
233, Organic Chemistry I53Alberg, Chihade
234, Organic Chemistry II38Whited
302, Quantum Spectroscopy Laboratory31Ferrett, Hollingsworth
324, Chemistry & Biology-Antibiotics10Calderone
330, 331 Instrumental Chemical Analysis & Lab  8Gross
344, Quantum Chemistry28Kohen
392, Independent Research 1Staff
394, Student-Faculty Research10Staff
400, Integrative Exercise36Staff

Spring Term

113, Concepts of Chemistry12Drew
128, Principles of Environmental Chemistry41Hollingsworth
224, Principles Chemistry II & Lab56Chihade
234, Organic Chemistry II & Lab52Whited, Alberg
306, Spectroscopic Char. Chem. Compounds18Alberg
320, Biological Chemistry40Calderone
321, Biological Chemistry Laboratory23Calderone
348, 349, Intro to Computational Chemistry & Lab10Kohen
351, Inorganic Chemistry14Cass
352, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory  7Cass
392, Independent Research  2Staff
394, Student-Faculty Research18Staff
400, Integrative Exercise32Staff

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Faculty Bibliography


Wei, W.; Lima, S. A. M.; Djurovich, P. I.; Bossi, A.; Whited, M. T.; Thompson, M. E. “Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphorescent Isomeric Iridium Complexes with a Rigid Cyclometalating Ligand” Polyhedron 2018, 140, 138–145.

Whited, M. T.; Zhang, J.; Ma, S.; Nguyen, B. D.; Janzen, D. E. “Silylene-Assisted Hydride Transfer to CO2 and CS2 at a [P2Si]Ru Pincer-Type Complex” Dalton Trans. 2017, 46, 14757–14761.

Ferrett, T.; Invited Blog post for the SAIL 2017 ACM Seminar. “Wilderness: Closing the Gap”. https://www.acm.edu/professional_development/SAIL/2017_Seminar_Wilderness/SAIL_2017_Trish_Ferrett_blog1.html

Editing activity for eliminating mischarged tRNAs is essential in mammalian mitochondria. Taru Hilander, Xiao-Long Zhou, Svetlana Konovalova, Fu-Ping Zhang, Liliya Euro, Dmitri Chilov, Matti Poutanen, Joseph Chihade, En-Duo Wang and Henna Tyynismaa. Nucleic Acids Research, 46, 849 (2018) 

Conference Presentations (* indicates presenting author):

Keaton Mertz, Alex Battiste, and Steven M. Drew, 255th National American Chemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 19, 2018, “Construction and Testing of an Inexpensive Spin Coater.” Poster presentation.

Alex Battiste, Keaton Mertz, and Steven M. Drew, 255th National American Chemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 19, 2018, “Construction and Testing of a 2D Photocurrent Scanning Station for the Evaluation of Thin Film Ternary Metal Oxide Water-Splitting Photocatalysts.”

Smith, C.*; Nega, T.; Gross, D. S. “Aerosol Particle Emissions and Efficiency of Cookstove Prototypes for Use in Ethiopia” Poster presentation at the American Association for Aerosol Research, Raleigh, NC, October 2017.  Poster selected as one of ~10 recipients of a “Best Poster Award”.

Smith, C.; Nega, T.; Gross, D. S.* “Chemical Composition of Particle Emissions from Clean Cookstoves” Oral presentation at the American Association for Aerosol Research, Raleigh, NC, October 2017.

Swartz, J.*; Robinson, G.*, Gross, D.*, Iverson, E.* “Using Qualitative Data to Inform Support of Academic Success for Students from Groups Traditionally Underrepresented in STEM” Seminar presented, January 2017, American Association of Colleges and Universities National Meeting, Washington, DC.

Peterson, P. O.*; Donnell, T. M.; Whited, M. T. “CO2 Bond Scission via a [P2Si]Rh Silylene Intermediate” 255th ACS National Meeting, March 2018.

Zhang, J.*; Foley, B. J.; Bhuvanesh, N.; Whited, M. T.; Ozerov, O. V. “Synthesis & Reactivity of Novel Silyl/Silylene Pincer Cobalt Complexes” 255th ACS National Meeting, March 2018.

Ma, S.*; Zhang, J.; Whited, M. T.; Janzen, D. E. “Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Pincer-Type Bis(Phosphine)/Silylene [P2Si]Ru Complexes” 255th ACS National Meeting, March 2018 (Selected for SciMix).

Chihade, J. “Unique features of human mitochondrial alanyl-tRNA synthetase and connections to human disease”, IUBMB Focused Meeting on the Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases, Clearwater, FL, October 31, 2017.

Kennicott, H., Makori, J., Diaz de Leon, S., Donnell, I. , Heath, J. ,  Chihade, J. “Characterization of pathogenic mutations in human mitochondrial alanyl-tRNA synthetase” ASBMB National Meeting, San Diego, CA, April 2018.

“Can Transition State Analogues be Used to Predict Enantioselectivity?”  Elianna Frank*, Daniela Kohen and Gretchen Hofmeister. Poster. ACS, New Orleans, March 2018. This poster won the ACS “Outstanding Research Jeffrey Madura Award.”

Molecular insight into CO2 “Trapdoor” Adsorption in zeolite Rho. ” Adam Nijhawen, Brody Lynch, FX Coudert, and Daniela Kohen*. Poster. 8th International Workshop on Characterization of Porous Materials, Delray Beach, Fl. May 2018.

“Cation Motions within Zeolites: A Molecular Dynamics Study.” Adam Nijhawan* and Brody Lynch*. Talk. Thirty-First Midwest Undergraduate Computational Chemistry Symposium, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. July 2018.

“Structure and Bonding in Ruthenium Silyl and Silylene Complexes.”  Will DeSnoo*. Talk. Thirty-First Midwest Undergraduate Computational Chemistry Symposium, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. July 2018.

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Gifts and Grants

Steve Drew received a Curriculum Development Grant for the proposal “Development of 300-Level Chemistry Course on Materials,” $1,200.

In 2006 Jerry Mohrig made a donation to the college to establish the Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lectures in Chemistry.  This endowed fund is intended to bring to campus renowned chemists as part of our comps program.  This year’s lecture was given by Andrew Ellington, University of Texas at Austin.

A few years ago the estate of James D. Morrison gave $10,000 to support the annual Dr. James D. (’30) and Julia P. Morrison Lectureship.  The lectureship was held this year by Nicholas Hud, Georgia Tech.

2018 – Deborah Gross Co-Principal Investigator:  “A Student-Centered Educational Collaboration Focusing on Sustainable Environments: Carleton College and Addis Ababa University Linkage.U.S.-Ethiopian University Linkages Seed Grant from the American embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. September 2017 – August 2018; Award =  $18,000;  co-PI Tsegaye Nega, ENTS, Carleton College.

Matt Whited received a $70k grant from NSF-CHE with co-PI Gordana Dukovic (University of Colorado) to organize an early-career investigator workshop focused on helping beginning faculty members in Chemistry compete for NSF (with a focus on NSF-CAREER) and other government grants.  The workshop was held in Alexandria, VA in March and featured 100 junior faculty attendees and more than 30 NSF program officers.  More details are available at the conference website: http://blogs.carleton.edu/nsf2018/

Matt Whited is a Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar.  The Dreyfus award comes with a $60k unrestricted grant to support research and teaching during 2016–2021.

Matt Whited received a CAREER award for $400k from the National Science Foundation for the project, “CAREER: SusChEM: Cooperative Small-Molecule Activation by Ambiphilic Pincer-Type Complexes Feature Metal/Main-Group Bonds.” The CAREER is the NSF’s premier award program for junior faculty, and the grant will support research during 2016–2021.

Matt Whited received an Undergraduate Research Award from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund ($70k) for “Stoichiometric and Catalytic Nitrene-Group-Transfer Reactions from Late-Metal Silylamides,” to fund his research during 2015–2018.

Gretchen Hofmeister received a American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund ($65,000) in 2014-2018.

Trish Ferrett received the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) SAIL award for Carleton team. “Wilderness in the Anthropocene” faculty seminar  with Nancy Braker (Arb Director) and Stephen Mohring (Art & Art History). Includes revision of ENTS 100 A&I seminar on Mining and the Environment plus creation of an upper-level version of this ENTS seminar. Ongoing through 2019. Includes paid expenses for summer 2017 11-day BWCA faculty seminar, plus $2,500 in stipends.

Trish Ferrett received a Carleton Curriculum Development Grant, summer 2018. To revise Chem 123 for spring 2019, after a decade away from this introductory course. Three weeks of development time ($1,800).

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Rana Shehadeh, Dean, Global Business, Trade & Transportation and former Vice President of R&D – PepsiCo, LATAM

Seth John ’99, University of Southern California Iron nutrition in anemic seas: Using iron stable isotopes to trace different sources of iron through the world oceans

John Matson, Virginia Tech:  Therapeutic Delivery of Hydrogen Sulfide: Small Molecules, Polymers, and Materials

Robert Harris ’87, acting Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Pharmacology at Pippin Therapeutics:  Modern Drug Discovery and Development

Gregory S. Ducker ’06, Princeton University:  The many biochemical roles of one-carbon metabolism

Thomas R. Hoye, University of Minnesota:  The (ongoing) evolution of the hexadehydro-Diels-Alder (HDDA) reaction

Carleton Chemistry Faculty:  Summer Research in the Carleton Chemistry Department

Sarah Hamm-Alvarez ’86, USC Keck School of Medicine and Director of Research Development, Southern California Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute:  Reduce to tears: how fundamental studies of tear protein secretion and the “tearome” may advance diagnosis and treatment of disease

Mona Minkara, University of Minnesota:  A Computational Study of how Solutes Load into a Surfactant Bilayer Using Monte Carlo Techniques

Amy Bauer, TSI:  Giant Sparks and a Series of Expensive Detectors: Spark-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, a Brief History

Squire Booker, Penn State:  A Radical Approach to Antibiotic Resistance

Nicholas Hud, Georgia Tech:  What came before RNA? Progress towards finding a solution to a major part of the origins of life puzzle; The James D. and Julia P. Morrison Lecture

Andrew Ellington, University of Texas at Austin:  Evolving dead things; The Jerry and Jean Mohrig Lecture 

Paul Wennberg, Caltech:  Autoxidation of Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere

Robert McMahon, University of Wisconsin:  Organic Chemistry in Harsh Reaction Environments

Carleton Chemistry Faculty and Others:  Planning your Future with a Chemistry Major:  Fellowship, Career, and Grad School Opportunities

Senior Comps Talks

Sarina Chaiken, Ellie Frank, Keaton Mertz and Carl Thomas / McMahon group;  Heavy Atom Quantum Tunneling

Saki Amagai, Anirudh Appachar, Sam Diaz de Leon, TJ Lynch, Isaac Martinez, Katherine Ortell, Paul Peterson, Sam Purfeerst  / Hud group;  Chemical Evolution: An Exploration into the Origins of Life

Olubusayo Bolonduro, Jack Buckner, Madeline Chosy, Ben Corman, Kate Faber, Raksha Kandel, Yuheng (Kitty) Miao, Trey Stokes, Chenxi Sun / Wennberg group; Earth’s Next Top Model: Constraining Uncertainties in the Carbon Cycle

Wisdom Akpan, Brittany Brookner, Ben Byun, Isaac Donnell, Lydia Hanson, Hiroshi Nakajima, Phuong Nguyen, Austin Rae, Malavika Suresh, Aditya Vaze / Ellington group; Engineering Life: Exploring Novel Applications of Directed Evolution

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The Class of 2008

Felix K. Amankona-Diawuo, Ph.D. *

Mr. Nikola Babovic * lives in Rochester, MN.

Johanna “Hanna” (Dijkstal) Beebe * lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Ms. Julia M. Brown * lives in Bremen, ME.

Mr. Nicholas M. Brown received a MD from the University of Minnesota in 2012. Nicholas works at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston where he just moved to continue medical training.

Lauren Calcote received a MA in Art Conservation 2012 from Buffalo State College and a Certificate in bookbinding 2015 from North Bennet Street School. Lauren works at The Newberry Library as a collections conservator and lives in Chicago, IL.

Mr. Matthew J. Cich receive a PhD in Chemistry from Stony Brook University 2014. Matthew lives in Farmington, NY with his wife Caitlin, daughter Hannah (3) and son Nathaniel (1). He worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the OCO-2 satellite team and had his entire family live with him in Germany for 2 months as he trained for his current job at TOPTICA Photonics, Inc. where he is a Frequency Comb Scientist.

Mr. Michael H. Duyzend received a MPhil in Computational Biology from Cambridge, UK and a MD and PhD in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington. Michael is a Resident Physician (Pediatrics/Medical Genetics) at Boston Children’s Hospital and lives in Boston, MA.

Maraia Ener-Goetz received her PhD in Chemistry from Caltech in  2013. In the past five years, Adam Goetz ‘08 and Maraia have lived in three corners of the country (Los Angeles, Seattle, the Connecticut shore), gotten their PhDs, and welcomed two daughters Zaya (3) and Kailani (May 2018) and a cat into their family in Old Saybrook, CT.

Ms. Beth J. Friedman * lives in Seattle, WA.

Mr. Adam E. Goetz received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from UCLA in 2014, followed by a postdoc at the University of Washington (2014-2016. Lives in Old Saybrook, CT with his wife Maraia Ener-Goetz ’08 and their two daughters Zaya (3) and Kailani (May 2018). They have taken exciting vacations to Alaska, Iceland, and various roadtrips through the national parks in the western states.

Mr. Matthew J. Haffner * lives in Bemidji, MN.

Laura (Marinelli) Hansen lives in Kew Gardens, NY

Mrs. Caroline M. (Hurd) Duesing received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity University in  2013. Caroline lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband Thomas Duesing and son Milo( 2). She works at Northeast ISD as a High school chemistry teacher and Thomas works as a Product Engineer at Rackspace. Her highlights have been to receive the Robert Noyce Scholarship through the National Science Foundation for teacher education and the birth of their son Milo.

Ms. Olivia D. Jee received a MD from Chicago Medical School (2012), Family Medicine. Has been a clinical associate professor in Family Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine for the last 2.5 years. Lives in San Mateo, CA. with Sripad Sriram (husband) who is a product manager at Facebook. First baby on the way, due in January 2019!!!

Mr. Samuel T. Lemonick is the assistant editor at Chemical & Engineering News since 11/2017, covering physical, computational and space chemistry. Samuel is married to Brooke Barron and has a son, Owen Barron Lemonick (born March 2018). They live in Berkeley, CA.

Ryan Martinez graduated from MSTP in May 2018 with a MD from Emory University and a PhD from Emory University in Immunology.  Married this year to Emily Cartwright, who is a teacher. Ryan is a resident physician, Clinical Pathology Research track residency at the University of Minnesota, living in Minneapolis.

Dr. William S. Mitchell, III * lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Mr. Eric M. Nordland * lives in St. Paul, MN.

Ms. Hana D. Podhoretz * lives in San Francisco, CA.

Ms. Eunice P. Sapp *  lives in Chicago, IL.

Mr. Yuichiro Takeshita * lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

Mr. Christopher M. Zall received his MS (2010), PhD (2013), University of Minnesota, Inorganic Chemistry. Chris got married in 2015 to Kelsey Marks (class of ’08) who is a long-term Disability Specialist, got a “real job” in 2016, as assistant professor at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX (a little north of Houston) teaching inorganic and general chemistry. He started a research program in organometallic catalysis, focused on developing new methods of activating H2 and reducing CO2 for the catalytic production of renewable, carbon-neutral fuels. He lives in Huntsville, TX

*Did not respond to our questionnaire; information may not be current.

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