Upcoming Ohio State Biochemistry Program Info Sessions

27 September 2023

The Ohio State Biochemistry Program (OSBP) is an interdisciplinary biochemistry graduate program at The Ohio State University that trains students to investigate the biochemical basis of life and disease. The interests of our faculty range from understanding fundamental biochemical pathways to dissecting molecular mechanisms that underlie human diseases. The training of our students is therefore equally broad, from basic physical biochemistry, structural biology and molecular genetics, through designing treatments for disease. Our students learn theoretical and practical aspects of biochemistry, gain skills in presenting their research, attend national and international scientific conferences, and participate in a seminar series with world-renowned speakers.

To learn more about our program, please join us at one of our upcoming online OSBP Information Sessions on October 17, November 1 and November 14.  Applications are due December 1

Dr. Chuck Bell
Director of OSBP
Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry & Pharmacology