DEADLINE SOON – Summer Research 2022 Chemistry On Campus Opportunities

15 February 2022

This summer the Carleton Chemistry Department plans to offer another year of its continuing summer research program for Carleton students. Though we cannot guarantee that circumstances will allow an on-campus program to take place, at this point we are hopeful that it will be possible. As the pandemic continues to evolve, we may be forced to limit research opportunities accordingly. However, we are currently moving forward with the application process for on-campus positions. We expect to offer research positions to approximately eight new students. Most of the student researchers will come from the sophomore and junior classes. Professors Chihade, Drew, Gross, Kohen, and Whited will offer projects that are described at the end of this document. A summer research recruiting seminar was held on Friday, January 14th via Zoom at 3:30 pm. General information on summer research in the department was presented along with more details regarding the application process. A recording of the seminar is available on the department’s Research Opportunities webpage

Dates of the Program: 
Monday, June 13th, through Friday, August 19th, for a total of 10 weeks. Each student will arrange starting and ending dates and summer vacation with their professor; these dates can be flexible. 

Expected Stipend: 
$5,000 for 10 weeks (or $500 per week) 

Expectations of Students by the Chemistry Department: 
A research position in our summer research program is a full-time position. You should not plan on taking a second job during the same period. Each week you will be expected to attend a research meeting with all of our summer researchers. Each student will give an oral presentation on his or her project at this weekly meeting at some point over the summer. You may also have the opportunity to give a presentation on your research at a state or national research meeting. Following the summer of research, you will prepare a comprehensive written report and give a poster on your research at the fall Research Celebration at Carleton. 

Deadlines and How to Apply: 
The application is available. Follow the directions on the electronic application form to rank order your preferences for the various research projects. Also, tell us how strong your preferences are and how flexible you are in accepting a position in the other research groups you list. Before submitting your application, you should talk to individual professors in order to explore your interest in their research project. Keep in mind that some professors will not take a student into their research group unless the student has taken the time to stop by, meet the professor, and discuss the research project. Others may also want additional topics addressed in your application, such as relevant courses and experiences you’ve had outside of the department. Applications are due at 5:00 pm on Friday, February 18, 2022.