Student Research with Carleton Faculty (Towsley Endowment)

18 January 2022

Application Deadline: Friday, February 11, 2022, 5:00 PM

Submitted by: Faculty

What: The Towsley Endowment provides financial support for Carleton students working with Carleton science and math faculty during the summer. Awards fund student summer stipends ($500/week for full time work) for up to 10 weeks. Money for supplies is also available, typically up to $500 per student. Note that students must work full time in order to qualify (i.e. they must not hold another job during the award period).

Who: Carleton faculty in science and math departments and programs, including visiting faculty and faculty on continuing appointment, are eligible to apply. These include Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Math, Neuroscience, Physics and Astronomy, Archaeology, and Psychology.

Some of the application questions include: Project title, description of the project, faculty and student development goals, mentoring plan, how many weeks and total amount of funds requested, other potential sources of funding, and other info relevant to the proposal.

More details are available in the application form, found here: