Sangamo Therapeutics Summer 2022 Formulation Intern

25 January 2022

Sangamo Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated individual to work on the formulation and the drug product process development of novel genomic-based therapeutic modalities. Specifically, this project will evaluate different surfactants and optimize their levels to minimize AAV adsorption to primary packaging components, in-use ancillary supplies and infusion aids, and product contacting manufacturing components and parts e.g., single-use lines/bags, filters, etc.

Based on the project, an optimal surfactant level that minimize product adsorption and aggregation or particulate formation during mixing/agitation, filtration, filling, simulated infusion, etc. will be defined for a typical drug product formulation. Optimization of surfactants is important because surfactants can potentially elicit adverse inflammatory reactions at the point of use but are needed to ensure drug product is not lost during processing/administration and the correct target dose is administered to the patient.

The successful candidate will be responsible for summarizing study design, executing the study, analyzing (or submitting samples for analysis), compiling data and summarizing study conclusions, as well as documenting the results in the lab notebook or technical reports.

The candidate will operate in a matrixed environment and will collaborate with colleagues within Technical Operations as well as cross-functionally with teams such as clinical, external manufacturing, supply chain and commercial groups to drive product and process excellence.

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