Paglia Post-Bac Research Fellowship

18 January 2022

Application DeadlineFriday, February 25, 2022,  5:00 PM

Submitted by: Students

What: The goal of this fellowship is to enable graduating seniors with a strong interest in a career in scientific research to experience working life in a lab/research group at a U.S. Research One (R1) institution for a period of one year (for international students) or two years (for US citizens or permanent residents). Fellows will have access to the intellectual life of the university as well as infrastructural and other support for research under a PI. The expectation is that networking and other opportunities available in the R1 environment will inform and strengthen the fellow’s commitment to a career in research and help them secure letters of recommendation for an eventual application to a PhD program. Carleton will select up to three fellows for this opportunity each year.  

Who:  Graduating seniors with a major in a discipline represented on Carleton’s STEM Board (Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, and Psychology) are eligible to apply. Students who wish to pursue the MD and enter clinical practice should not apply, but those students interested in an MD/PhD track are welcome to do so. International students will be eligible for a one-year opportunity, during which they can be employed as part of their OPT (optional practical training) F-1 visa extension, as available. Students with US citizenship or permanent residency will be eligible for a two-year opportunity.

More details, including the application form, are available here