Journey with Climate KIC Summer School

24 January 2019

The Journey with Climate KIC is a European institution financed by the EU Commission as well as a few companies such as Veolia. The Journey is an intensive 5-week summer school program across Europe with the goal to develop entrepreneurial skills through climate friendly projects. This program also provides some insightful business classes to supplement a liberal arts education.

This is a fantastic opportunity to discover Europe and fellow European students as the group moves to 3 European cities throughout the 5 weeks. The program is now open for applications until mid-February for the next summer cohort. While it is mostly for Master’s students, it is also open for seniors finishing their bachelor’s degree. The  program is free for European citizens and foreign students studying in European universities. Otherwise, it is quite pricey (~3000€) but a recent alum (see below) who did it says “it’s a bargain since the entire trip is really worth it”. Here is the website for additional information:

If you want to talk to a Carleton alum who did the program in 2017, contact Morgan Raffray: