Interested in Materials Science?

29 October 2018

A group of faculty has formed a materials science interest group.  We have met once to discuss common research and teaching interests.  Our group has asked the young faculty on campus with an interest in materials (Kim Huynh and Jeff Walters) if they would give a short presentation on their PhD research followed by some discussion.  They have both kindly agreed.  Our first presentation and discussion is slated for Wednesday, October 31 in Old Music 107 at 3:15.  All faculty, staff, and students are welcome.  Jeff Walters will present on the following: “Pyrite FeS2: A low-cost earth-abundant solution for sustainable solar power”

In this talk I will summarize recent breakthroughs made in the development of iron sulfide, or Fool’s Gold, as a low-cost, earth-abundant, non-toxic photovoltaic material that have created new pathways toward sustainable solar cells. Briefly, we have made significant strides in understanding the doping in this semiconductor as well as its unique surface conduction properties, both of which being key to uncovering the reasons for poor FeS2 cell efficiencies despite being an ideal material on paper.