JHU/CTY Summer Employment in Chemistry Education

23 January 2020

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) has very exciting summer employment opportunities for students and faculty interested in chemistry education

For decades, CTY’s summer programs have provided a fun and enriching experience for the most academically gifted elementary, middle, and high school students in the world. 

Working with CTY in the summer can provide a great experience where you get to work with small classes of bright and motivated students, teaching interesting courses such as:
· Crystals and Polymers (for students who’ve completed 5th and 6th grade)
· Chemistry in Society (for students who’ve completed 7th to 10th grade)
· Fast-Paced High School Chemistry (for students who’ve completed 7th to 10th grade) and
· The Edible World (for students who’ve completed 4th and 5th grade). 

Positions are available at residential and day sites at various locations on the East and West coasts. Open positions include instructor, teaching assistant, and health assistant. Room and board are provided in addition to salary for staff at residential sites.Opportunities are available for staff to work either three or six weeks. 

If you have anyone in your department that might be a good candidate to help teach young students and get them excited about the field, then please forward this message along. More information and our online application can be found through the JHU Jobs website.