H3 Biomedicine: Oncology Drug Discovery Internships

13 February 2020

Three open positions

Job Descriptions
(1) Protein science and biochemistry
(2) Structural biology
(3) Compound screening, profiling, and robotics/automation

10-12 week paid internships

General Summary:
We have openings in our group for three paid internships at the undergraduate or graduate level looking to gain experience in an industrial setting. The successful candidates will be trained to independently perform experiments and contribute to our exciting drug discovery programs. Individuals will work with scientists in the Lead Discovery group and may apply for one of the three general areas outlined above. All candidates will have ample opportunities to present their results in project team meetings and departmental/group meetings. Soft skills such as effective communication and teamwork are highly valued.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Protein Science and Biochemistry
    • Design constructs for E coli, insect cell, and mammalian expression
    • Overexpress proteins of interest in relevant system.
    • Purify proteins using AKTA
    • Characterize proteins using biochemical and biophysical techniques
    • Profile lead compounds in biochemical/physical assays
  • Structural Biology
    • Purify proteins using AKTA
    • Set up crystallization screens using Mosquito and RockImager robots
    • Harvest crystals and determine structures using CCP4 and COOT software.
  • Compound screening, profiling, and robotics/automation
    • Assay development
    • Assist with weekly screening and profiling of compounds for various programs
    • Adapt assays to high throughput format using robotics/automation

Job Qualifications and how to apply:

  • Strong academic record (please provide transcript)
  • Relevant lab-based coursework
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Strong work ethic, detail oriented, excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Strong motivation to learn more about drug discovery and cancer biology
  • Preference given to candidates who have performed independent undergraduate research.
  • To apply, contact Nicholas Larson (Carleton chemistry alum, ’98) at nicholas_larsen@h3biomedicine.com

H3 Biomedicine Inc. is a privately-held, uniquely-structured oncology discovery enterprise whose sole mission is to become a prolific source of new drugs that treat more human cancers with greater success. H3B is applying the expertise of leading scientists to the integration of insights from cancer genomics with innovative capabilities in synthetic chemistry and tumor biology to pursue the most promising current opportunity in cancer therapeutics: patient-based, genomics-driven, small molecule drugs.