Chemistry Group Comps Presentation

26 April 2017

Chemistry Majors’ Student Comps Talk

Kennyi Aouad, Reina Desrouleaux, Teddy Donnell, Clare Leahy, Calvin Phan, Eli Ruffer, Emily Tonogai, Sarah Wang, Alec Winter – Drennan Group

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
3:30 pm / Boliou 104

“Breaking News: X-ray Crystallography Catches Metalloenzymes in Action!”

Enzymes are like nature’s superheroes: these complex macromolecules are capable of doing reactions chemists cannot and play key roles in biological pathways. However, the size and complexity of different enzymes can make it challenging to determine how these transformations are facilitated. Professor Catherine Drennan uses X-ray crystallography to visualize the atomic structure of metalloenzymes “in action”. In our presentation, we will be examining how Professor Drennan uses these crystal structures to understand the mechanistic intricacies of select metalloenzymes.