Chemistry Department Seminar: Student Comps Presentations

19 January 2022

Unnatural Peptides with Beta Residues 

Student presentations by Polycarpe Bagereka, JP Braun, Isabel Cannell, Sarah Cauthorn,  Chloe Lipinski, Tan Premrasmi, Leah Snidman and Katie Taylor – Sam Gellman group.

Amino acids, building blocks of proteins and peptides, play a critical role in essential life processes. Dr. Sam Gellman asks the question: what would happen if we fundamentally changed the structure of these molecules? A large portion of Gellman’s work involves the use of beta residues – unnatural amino acids that have an extra carbon in the backbone. This seemingly simple change significantly impacts the functionality of peptides in ways the Gellman Lab aims to understand. In this presentation we describe Gellman’s work with unnatural protein segments (“foldamers”), peptide agonists, and random sequence polymers to illustrate how beta residues impact their catalytic, proteolysis-resistant, receptor-selective, or antimicrobial properties.

Olin 149 -limited attendance by RSVP only
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