Chemistry Department Seminar: Olester Benson, Jr. presents

5 November 2018

The nature of the entire material universe is chemical, making chemistry the true central science.  The science we experience in our daily lives is so ubiquitous that we tune it out, despite the universal advantages it affords us.  The state of scientific discovery continues to advance at an accelerated pace creating an ongoing need to attract talent dedicated to scientific endeavors across the employment spectrum.  There is not a better time in history to study and pursue a career in chemistry and its related fields.  

For undergraduate students of chemistry, technical life after school can take on a very different appearance.  However, the training prepares them to tackle many of the world’s technological challenges – energy, agriculture, water, air, medicine /healthcare, security, and sustainability.  

Join me in a in a dialogue on my life and role as an industrial chemist for a diversified manufacturer, the impact of my work, and the common personal and professional challenges that we share as employees,  students, and professors.