Chemistry Department Seminar: Isaiah Speight, UC, Irvine

23 February 2022

Isaiah Speight (UC, Irvine) presents “A Tale of Two Chemists: Mechanochemistry and Macrocycles” on Friday, February 25, 2022, at 3:30 PM in Anderson 329.

Chemists are constantly evolving the technologies used in our day-to-day practice. New discoveries in reactivity, feats in engineering, and advancements in biology, have helped make synthetic processes more effective and environmentally friendly while also enlightening us to new reactivity thought to be inaccessible in the past. These improvements have influenced areas such as natural product total synthesis, bulk scale materials manufacturing, and discovering ways to overcome barriers long thought to be insurmountable. Our discussion will focus on the use of solid-state synthetic techniques towards Group 2 complexes and the development of new opportunities to generate macrocyclic peptides and depsipeptides.

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