Chemistry Department Seminar: Dr. Robert McMahon (University of Wisc)

9 May 2018

“Organic Chemistry in Harsh Reaction Environments”
Dr. Robert J. McMahon
Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin

Friday, May 11th, 2018
3:30 pm /  Olin Hall 149

Our research efforts focus on elucidating the chemistry and spectroscopy of organic species that are postulated to play a role in harsh environments (e.g. combustion, planetary atmospheres, interstellar space).  These environments contain a remarkable diversity of organic functionality, including reactive intermediates such as anions, radicals, and carbenes.  We have drawn on our knowledge of mechanistic and structural organic chemistry to identify chemically-significant targets for detection and characterization.  Many of these investigations are made possible through our ability to prepare specific chemical precursor molecules via synthetic organic chemistry.  I will present case studies that exemplify how modern physical-organic chemistry spans the disciplines of organic chemistry, chemical physics, and astronomy.

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