Center For Computer Assisted Synthesis Summer Research Fellowship

21 February 2020

The application of machine learning methods to synthetic chemistry is one of the most promising applications of computers in chemistry, with the potential to revolutionize the field. The Center for Computer Assisted Synthesis is an NSF-supported Phase I Center for Chemical Innovation dedicated to research at this interface of organic chemistry and computer science.

C-CAS is pleased to offer summer undergraduate research fellowships for students with disabilities at any of the five partner universities of C-CAS (Berkeley, Colorado State, Notre Dame, Princeton and Utah). The program is open to any undergraduate students with disabilities (mobility, sensory, learning, psychological, medical, or other), whose research interests are aligned with the topics covered by the C-CAS (organic mechanism and synthesis, computational chemistry and computer science). Preference will be given to sophomore and junior students in chemistry or computer science with previous research experience, but fellowship offers will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The fellowship provides a stipend and housing to support a 10-week program performing state-of-the-art research during the summer of 2020 in any of the research groups of C-CAS. The program provides the opportunity to perform research in one of the most innovative and interdisciplinary areas of chemistry with some of the leaders in the field. The program also includes the possibility to present your work at a meeting of the American Chemical Society.

To apply, send a transcript and personal statement describing your research interests to by March 15, 2020. In addition, please arrange for three letters of recommendation to be emailed to the same address.

Additional information on the program can be obtained from the program director: Olaf Wiest, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame IN 46556