“A Glimpse at Working as a Public Health Practitioner in a Developing Country: Sharing a Professional Journey”

31 October 2017

Are you interested in public health?  Pollution and its impact in the developing world?  Come to this talk!

“A Glimpse at Working as a Public Health Practitioner in a Developing Country:  Sharing a Professional Journey”
Worku Tefera Mekonnen
Lecturer, Environmental Health
School of Public Health, CHS, AAU (Ethiopia)
Visiting Scholar at UW-Madison (from September – December 2017)
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 – Music Hall 103
Common Time (noon – 1pm)

Lunch provided

In this presentation, Worku Tefera Mekonnen, a faculty member in the School of Health, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia) will share his professional career development journey. Starting from his early career as a District Sanitarian to his academic and career development, Worku will show us what the real-life challenges and opportunities look like working in the field of Public Health in a rural area, in a developing country setting. Worku will also tell us about his research experience of advising Masters of Public Health (MPH) students, publications, participating in winning grants, leading research projects, and his Ph.D. research interests related to the impact of air pollution on health. He has 13+ peer reviewed articles in local and international journals, has co-authored lecture materials, and has advised more than 20 MPH students. He is currently interested in air pollution and hopes to see improved air quality in Ethiopia and sub-Saharan Africa through better monitoring capacity and policy enforcement.

There will also be an opportunity to speak informally with our visitor on Tuesday afternoon, from 3:30 – 5pm in Sayles-Hill Lounge.  Please drop in if you wish to talk with him!