• Additional Carleton Chemistry Student Research Opportunity 2018

    Marty Baylor (Physics) and Gretchen Hofmeister (Chemistry) have a joint research project, measuring the gel point of light-sensitive organic polymers that are used for applications to optofluidic devices. Knowing the gel point of different polymer formulations is critically important for creating both the microfluidic channel and the support matrix for the optical waveguide used in these devices. Our recent collaborative investigations indicate that the gel point can be measured in a precise and less time consuming manner using NMR spectroscopy. Specifically, we have found that T1 values (the time constants for nuclear relaxation) of nuclei in an additive to the sample correlate with the degree of gelation. We now plan to expand these results to include samples with different pre-polymer formulations. We also will develop a mathematical model of this correlation, in order to better understand its physical basis. The target student for this project is a chemistry major (or intended major) with a background in organic chemistry and an interest in chemical engineering. This is a 10-week full-time summer research experience; ideally the student will also pursue an independent study during the spring term. Interested students should contact ghofmeis@carleton.edu and mbaylor@carleton.edu to learn more about this project.

  • Career Center announces the Minnesota’s Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair

    February 27th, 2018
    Registration deadline:  February 19th, 2018

    Visit the Career Center to access the  Summer Internship funding application and learn more about their process. Some deadlines soon.

  • An  NIH-­‐funded position is available to study novel mechanisms in long non-­‐coding RNA transcriptional regulation in developing and adult brain (relevant publications are listed  below).    We  are  interested  in  recruiting  a  highly  enthusiastic  research  scientist with a B.S./B.A. degree in Biology or Chemistry and a desire to learn new techniques.  Previous  research  technicians  have  co-­‐authored  publications,  and  attended prestigious graduate programs in neuroscience and/or molecular biology. Please send your CV to Jhumku Kohtz, Department of Pediatrics, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern,    j-­‐kohtz@northwestern.edu

  • Towsley Endowment Support for Summer Research

    Application Deadline: Friday, February 2, 2018, 11:59 PM

    Student Research at Carleton: The Towsley Endowment provides financial support for Carleton students working with Carleton science and math faculty on campus (or in the field) during summer break. Awards fund student stipends ($460/week for full time work) for up to 10 weeks during summer break and can include expenses for travel and research supplies. No award will exceed $5100.  Note that students must work full time in order to qualify (i.e. they must not hold another job during the award period). Carleton faculty in science and math departments and programs are eligible to apply. 

    More details are available in the application form, found herehttps://apps.carleton.edu/mathscience/faculty/studentresearchcarleton/

  • The Kolenkow-Reitz Fund provides student stipend and travel support for Carleton students working with non-Carleton science and math faculty at another institution during summer break.  Awards fund student stipends ($460/week for full time work) for up to 10 weeks during summer break, and can include expenses for travel to the research site.  No award will exceed $5100. 

    Application Deadline: 11:59 PM on Friday, February 2, 2018.