Feb 18

Chemistry Department Seminar: Erin McDuffie '13, EPA

Fri, February 18, 2022 • 3:30pm - 4:30pm (1h)
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Atmospheric Chemistry: the key to improving air quality, saving lives, and solving the climate crisis

2020-2022 AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, hosted at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The year is 2019. It’s the second warmest year on record, and air pollution is causing more than 4 million deaths worldwide. An unlikely team of scientists have just banded together at a Canadian University. Their mission: use their knowledge of atmospheric chemistry, air pollutant measurements, and modeling of the global atmosphere to find out where the air pollution is coming from and what we can do about it. Join me as we journey through their quest, and along the way, learn about the key role of atmospheric chemistry in improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gases, and saving lives.

Event Contact: Tami Little

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Chemistry Department Seminar: Erin McDuffie '13, EPA
  • Intended For: Students, Faculty, Staff

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