We want to make the Chemistry Department a place where every student feels valued. We recognize that we do not exist apart from the systemic injustices being so painfully exposed by the events that have occurred recently. These events do not stand alone and are a painful reminder of a long history of racism and inequality in our country. We affirm our commitment to supporting you all whenever and however we can and we count you as important partners in our efforts to identify and address these issues.  

We look forward to exploring the ways in which we can improve in developing the talents of, and empowering, scientists from backgrounds that have not traditionally been well-represented, in order to change chemistry for the better.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the Chemistry Department if you have any questions or want to discuss these issues further.

See the American Chemical Society’s statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect in Chemistry. 

Podcast: Black chemists discuss strategies for dismantling systemic racism in science. If a login is required, free accounts can be made.