2023 Research Opportunities at Carleton

The Chemistry Department plans to offer research opportunities for Carleton students in the summer of 2023, barring any return of the pandemic. Planning for summer research 2023 is underway and updates will appear here in the coming weeks.

Chemistry Department Summer 2023 Research Announcement and Application (Application closed)

Research Group Informational Meeting Times

  • Joe Chihade Research Group: Tuesday, January 31, 1:00 PM in Olin 106
  • Matt Whited/Dani Kohen Research Group (computational organometallic): Wednesday, February 1, 3:30 PM in Olin 210
  • Matt Whited Research Group (synthetic-experimental): Friday, February 3, 3:30 PM in Anderson 323
  • Joe Chihade Research Group: Wednesday, February 8, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM in Olin 102 (Open house. Drop in whenever you can.)

Resources for Other Carleton Programs

  • Kolenkow-Reitz Fellowships
    • Funds you to work in a specific lab/program off campus. You must have a connection with a PI in order to apply.
    • Deadlines listed on their website.
  • Career Center Internship Funding
    • Funds a wide variety of summer research/internship opportunities.
    • Deadlines listed on their website.

Research Opportunities at Other Colleges and Universities

There are literally hundreds of undergraduate research opportunities at various colleges and universities throughout the country. Many of these are open to general application from any undergraduate, even if you are not enrolled at their institution. The range of research areas in also enormous.

If you have a specific research interest, it is very likely that a research opportunity exists that you are eligible to apply for. Check out some of the links listed below to begin your search. There are many announcements posted in the Weekly Beaker, click the categories tab on the right for Summer Research. Volume 27 contains opportunities for Summer of 2023.

A seminar on finding off-campus research opportunities was presented on Friday, November 11, 2022. You can access the slides from that presentation at this link.

Databases of Off-Campus Research Opportunities

Specific Announcements

For the current academic year, specific research announcements can be found in The Weekly Beaker; search under the Summer Research category.