Research Opportunities at Carleton

The summer of 2019 will be unusual at Carleton, as construction schedules dictate the the science buildings, including the new building, Hulings, and Olin Halls will all be closed. This will disrupt our usual schedule of on-campus research opportunities in Chemistry.

See the January 11, 2019 Summer Research Opportunities department seminar slides, which should help you get started with finding summer opportunities.

Two faculty members (Chris Calderone and Kim Huynh) will hire students to work off campus this year. Descriptions of their projects and the procedures for submitting applications will be described in the January 11, 2019 Research Seminar and are linked below. Contact them directly to discuss these options, if you are interested. These opportunities are only available for Carleton students.

Resources for Carleton programs

Additional opportunities organized through the Chemistry Department for students doing research off campus will be publicized through the Weekly Beaker and on this page — stay tuned!

To help students identify good off-campus research opportunities in this unusual year, the Department has organized a series of open office hours that are targeted to helping students interested in specific subfields of Chemistry think about how to find programs, develop applications, etc. These are a great way to get more insight into options, and are meant to complement, not replace, conversations that students will typically have with faculty. You can find the details of these office hours in this document and in the Weekly Beaker.

Research Opportunities at Other Colleges and Universities

There are literally hundreds of undergraduate research opportunities at various colleges and universities throughout the country. Many of these are open to general application from any undergraduate, even if you are not enrolled at their institution. The range of research areas in also enormous.

If you have a specific research interest, it is very likely that a research opportunity exists that you are eligible to apply for. Check out some of the links listed below to begin your search. There are also paper copies of many announcements posted in the hallway of  the Chemistry Department office in Old Music Hall.

General Announcements

Specific Announcements

For the current academic year, specific research announcements can be found in The Weekly Beaker; search under the Summer Research category.