Chaplains and Professional Staff

Chaplains serve the Carleton community as its clergy and conscience. They lead the religious, spiritual, and moral life of the college, working with students, staff, faculty, and alums.

Chaplains tend to the full spectrum of human experience at Carleton, while also challenging the college to be the best embodiment of its principles. They are leaders from many different religious traditions yet deeply committed to the values of religious pluralism. They are counselors and activists, mentors and administrators, educators and worship leaders. They work behind the scenes, serving on numerous college committees, and are also front and center, leading public events and ritual moments. Chaplains build community, foster relationships, and help people feel more at home at Carleton.

Know that Chaplains are here to listen, to support, to partner, and to engage. You are always welcome to reach out to us, for any reason. To schedule a meeting with a Chaplain, just follow this link here. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Photo of Schuyler Vogel
Schuyler Vogel ’07 Bio
College Chaplain


Photo of Christa Carlson
Christa Carlson
Chaplain’s Office Coordinator
Photo of Shoshana Susan Dworsky
Shoshana Susan Dworsky Bio
Associate Chaplain for Jewish and Interfaith Life
Photo of Ailya Vajid
Ailya Vajid Bio
Associate Chaplain for Muslim and Interfaith Life

Student Chaplain’s Associates

Students assist in the work of the Office of the Chaplain each year. Student Chaplain Associates serve as liaisons between students and the Chaplain in a variety of ways. Their work includes leading discussion groups, participating in services, supporting religious activities, and meeting with student religious groups.

Chaplain’s Associate (Student Work) Positions