indigenous students

The Office of the Chaplain not only supports individuals in their spiritual journey, but is also devoted to the wider work of justice and collective liberation. We are the “conscience of the college,” bringing together morality, faith, and action.

Many of our chaplains and faith leaders consider themselves activists and organizers. We work with the Carleton community to advocate for change and “make good trouble.” We build relationships with the wider community to become better allies and accomplices to those on the margins. We believe Carleton professes values that are both inspirational and aspirational, leaving us plenty of work and learning to do on campus.

Interfaith Social Action (IFSA) spearheads our activism, but there are many other paths to get involved in social justice at the Chapel. You are welcome no matter your religious belief or disbelief. The call of justice transcends all creeds.

Should you experience, witness, or hear of any instances or patterns of injustice or harm at Carleton, please be in touch with our College Chaplain, Schuyler Vogel, at

Below are two additional ways that we support those looking to change the world for the better.