Religious holidays and practices occasionally intersect with classes or exams at Carleton, and there will be members of our community who will choose to observe these holidays. It is expected that students who will be engaging in these observances inform the relevant faculty and staff in advance, in order to address any need to make up work or arrange other accommodations. Faculty and staff engaging in these observances should inform their department/supervisor in advance and follow the applicable time off request process. Staff should record work time missed as floating holiday or vacation time.

For a list of current and future religious observances, please use this link to an interfaith calendar. Please note, however, that the dates of observations and religious practices can vary between different sects or cultures within traditions.  

Questions about these practices may be directed to:

  • Dean of the College Office (faculty), x4300
  • Dean of Students Office (students), x4075
  • Human Resources (staff), x7471

See also the campus handbook.