With Gratitude

27 May 2021

For so many reasons, this has been a tough year for us all–and even harder for some of us, both here on campus and beyond. But in this last weekly Chapel News of the year, I want to give thanks for the people at Carleton who have worked hard to keep us safe, healthy, engaged, and learning: all our faculty, staff, and students.  Thank you each for all you have done!

Here in the Chapel, we have some additional major milestones to note: 

Jan Truax, the Chapel Administrative Assistant, is retiring after 30 years in the Chapel (and 31 at Carleton).  Jan has been an important listening ear and strong shoulder for many through the turmoil of college years. She has held together our growing staff and our sometimes-complicated programs and budgets, plus juggling a host of other roles. Through three chaplains, at least eight associate chaplains, and more than 120 student Chaplain’s Associates, Jan has remained open, flexible, and a source of practical wisdom. We will greatly miss her presence and skills, but we are also very glad she can have more time with her family and doing the things she loves.

Iman Jafri ’15 is leaving her position as our Associate Chaplain for Muslim and Interfaith Life at the end of June to try different career paths in new places. Iman jumped in to help in January 2020 when we needed a Muslim Chaplain.  Despite the pandemic, she has connected deeply with many of us, offered creative new events, and been a supportive mentor for students and a wise colleague for our staff.  We are so thankful for Iman’s time with us and wish her the best in her next ventures.

And we have three Chaplain’s Associates who are graduating this year! Amelia Broman, Max Goldberg, and Lauren Pak have each worked in the Chapel for three years. They have been unfailingly thoughtful, kind, and hardworking, helping to build relationships and community on campus, and deepening the religious, spiritual, and ethical lives of us all. We are so grateful for their creativity and commitment and wish them all the best in their next steps. 

We are in the search process for people to fill Jan’s and Iman’s positions, and there are wonderful continuing and new Chaplain’s Associates who are looking forward to working in-person next year! But right now, I especially want to celebrate the five people who have given us so much of their time and energy, during this difficult year and for 30, 1 ½, or 3 years!  Thank you each, Jan, Iman, Amelia, Max, and Lauren!!

With deep gratitude,
Carolyn Fure-Slocum
Carleton College Chaplain