A Season of Change

3 April 2020
By Iman Jafri ’15

Spring is famously, notoriously, the season of change. Some celebrate the coming of new leaves and life, others mourn the loss of winter’s relative serenity. With every change, there is a capacity for both joy and grief. Joy for something positive to come from change, grief at having lost a previous reality.

This spring will be unlike any most of us have experienced before. Per usual, it will be filled with holy days from Passover to Easter to Ramadan. What may be different for many of us, however, is that we will be unable to celebrate these days in community as we might have otherwise.

This change is worth recognizing and grieving. Breaking fast via video chat will not be the same as doing it next to a friend. And while this is true, it is also true that there will opportunities to laugh, celebrate, and be creative with what community looks like this spring.

Surah 94 of the Qur’an, titled “Ash-Sharh” or “The Relief” states, “For indeed, with hardship comes ease. Indeed, with hardship comes ease” (94: 5-6). Hardship and ease exist at the same time. So too can grief and joy. May we be able to support one another through hardship and be sources of ease for each other this term.

Iman Jafri ’15
Associate Chaplain for Muslim and Interfaith Life