As a way to commemorate students who lost their lives while enrolled at Carleton, a memorial sculpture has been installed on campus.

Carleton Student Memorial

Inspired by the mission of the College “to be a collaborative community where quiet reflection and active engagement are valued as sources of self-understanding and renewal,” the Student Memorial was thoughtfully designed by Tom Oslund of O2 Design. Its 15-foot-high steel structure displays the name and class year of each student engraved on six-inch cast bronze broken circles, hung randomly, linked together, and suspended from the top of the frame. The height of the frame allows the wind to move the strands to create audible chimes and the sunlight to illuminate the broken circles in varying patterns. The memorial is on the east side of Lower Lyman Lake, providing a natural setting for peaceful reflection.

Carleton Student Memorial

Each member of our community has in some way shaped the College’s history and touched the lives of their fellow Carls. The College respectfully honors these students’ legacies with the Carleton Student Memorial.

The following list of students honored in the Student Memorial includes the location (corner of the memorial structure) where their name can be found.

NameClass YearCorner
James P. Adams2015NW
Fred R. Armstrong1883SW
Helen A. Arntson1923NW
Margaret G. Asp1977NE
Charles J. Barnard1883NE
John C. Barnds1975NW
Lilly J. Barteau1884SE
Matthew J. Bartlett2003NW
John Benedict1945NW
Jennifer A. Bonner1989NE
Beth A. Brinda2006NW
Zachery T. Brokaw2018NW
Gerald R. Brown1951SE
John F. Bundy1946SW
John S. Burchmore, Jr.1944SE
Elsie M. Canfield1898SW
Wendell R. Carlson1918SE
James Carmichael1884SW
Harry G. Chase1945SE
Dixon P. Connolly1942NE
John S. Craig1944SE
Edward F. Crandall1942SE
Charles H. Emmons1884SE
Colin M. Ewers2004NE
Irving Farley1945NE
George A. Fetter1944SW
Cora Finstad1879SE
Robert W. Foster1946SW
Abigail A. Furniss1975SW
Michael D. Goodgame2015NW
Gary J. Gregerson1963NE
Frederick W. Greve III1940SE
R. Harold Grove1933SW
John T. Guckin Jr.2014SE
Peter J. Handley1945NW
Annabel Harries1896NW
Paxton M. Harvieux2015SW
James M. Hellmuth1965NE
Willard J. Humphreys1947NW
Leonard C. Isenberg1941SW
Richard M. Jenkins1972SW
Robert P. Johnson1944SW
Charles L. Joy1917SE
James M. Kelly1945NE
Burt Krayenbuhl1937SE
Sigrid E. Larsen1961SW
C. Walter Larson1920NW
Scott S. Levin1972NE
Eleanor S. Lewis1920SE
Charles C. Liscomb1941NW
Etta J. Low1897NW
Frank J. Manz, Jr.1941SW
Charles D. Matteson1934NE
Fergus Mead, Jr.1945SW
Hsiang Y. Meng1957NW
Zachary D. Mitchell2017NW
Edward H. Mullin2007NE
Robert E. Nason1931NE
Richard W. Oihus1966NW
Ann E. Oliver1994SE
Thomas W. Osterholm1934NE
Alan P. Ostrow1985SE
Wilton K. Park2000SW
David W. Parks1982SE
Dorothy Penning1948NE
Aidan Price2024NE
Sidharth Ramakrishnan2019SE
Samuel C. D. Ray1987SE
Thad D. Reed1943NE
Walter B. Root1944NE
John A. Sandeen1932NE
Judith A. Schomburg1988NE
Megan Serota-Winston1998SW
Wardeen H. Sharpe1923NW
Frank Shigemura1945SE
Steven F. Smith1968NW
Kristi E. Snowden1993NW
Michael L. Stam1989NW
Ellen R. Steif1977SW
Edwin J. Stensrud1911NE
George Tandberg1915SW
Evelyn A. Thomson1932SE
Luigi Trenti-Paroli2018NW
Frank G. Uerling1944SW
Thomas A. Veblen Jr.1885SE
Marc A. von Trapp2000SW
Lillian J. Waluconis2006NW
John H. Watson1921NE
Gordon C. Welshons, Jr.1950SW
Karen J. Wolf1975SW
Steven B. Wood1974SE