Today’s globally interconnected world requires deep and sustained engagement. Carleton offers many opportunities, in- and outside the classroom, on- and off-campus, to advance global learning and engagement. The Global Citizenship graduation requirement, which requires coursework and language competence, aims to equip students “to navigate foreign cultures, be conversant in foreign languages, and acquaint themselves with multiple cultures and societies that are different from their own.”

The Hyme Loss Global Engagement Award is given to seniors who demonstrate particular excellence in this area. It recognizes their commitment to language acquisition, cultural immersion, global perspective-taking, and cross-cultural learning. An ePortfolio course (normally taken in the junior or senior year) seeks to integrate and synthesize these experiences in digital format. 

flyer for Hyme Loss Award

Past Hyme Loss Award Recipient ePortfolios

Below are a few ePortfolios that have been created over the past three years by students who have taken CCST398 and were awarded the Hyme Loss award.


Jeremy Fong, Ania Hoang


Becky Shapiro, Lea Winston, Anna Gwin


Aaron Forman and Marko Jurkovich


Cora Showers