CEDI Reports & Findings

The CEDI Leadership Board is responsible for reporting findings on annual activities, current priorities, and bias incidents.

Activities Supporting Diversity at Carleton

CEDI initiated this research project in an attempt to both inform and display the variety of initiatives, practices, and conversations happening on campus that promote community, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our goal was to highlight a representative sample of activities and processes that are initiated campus-wide, from academic departments to campus offices. The report below demonstrates that a core value, campus-wide, is the dedication to intentional effort to make Carleton a place where all feel valued as community members.

Activities Summary*

When surveying academic departments and organizations across campus, we received over 400 responses on the actions they have taken to satisfy components of the College’s diversity statement.


Student Mentoring & Outreach

  • Faculty serve as mentors to students through various campus programs
  • Establish specialized help desks to address language barriers
  • Create mentoring program to support women and non-binary students with an interest in math
  • Reach out to FOCUS, TRIO, and POSSE to recruit students for research opportunities

Addressing Socio-economic Barriers

  • Establish textbook lending programs in multiple departments
  • Use department budgets to sponsor off-campus study travel and conference attendance for underrepresented students

Career Development

  • Connect departments with career center to establish internships and career opportunities
  • Publish research opportunities through an open, centralized, widely advertised process
  • Send representatives to National Society of Black Physicists/National Society of Hispanic Physicists meetings
Supporting Academic Community

Faculty/Staff Diversity Recruiting & Training Initiatives

  • Hire more faculty of color and work to counteract bias during searches and interviews
  • Invite scholars, fellows, speakers, and guest artists from diverse backgrounds
  • Encourage faculty participating in workshops for best practices in inclusivity

Curriculum & Educational Initiatives

  • Engage diverse environments, issues, and cultures in off-campus programs
  • Organize lectures by departmental faculty to address urgent social issues

Resources for Physical and Learning Differences & Disabilities

  • Restructure long paper assignments to provide more scaffolding and support
Supporting Community Relationships

Nurturing a Diverse, Inclusive & Safe Community

  • Host departmental inclusivity conversations with students, faculty, and staff
  • Plan student study spaces to support student group work
  • Provide guidelines for discussion to make sure that different points of view are respected, and that the classroom will be a safe space for sharing
  • Create classroom situations in which students are encouraged to tell their personal stories in an atmosphere of respect and support

Dialogue About Community Differences

  • Course curricula designed to include content that addresses and discusses differences through gender, race, class, and ability in micro and major cultures in the US and globally
  • Ongoing faculty connection with Office for International Students to seek advice and answer cultural questions
  • Creation of the Critical Conversations program to teach students understandings, knowledge, sensibilities, and skills for talking about and understanding diversity, particularity, and crosscultural understanding (including understanding of global religions near and far)

Supporting & Creating Spaces for Underrepresented Groups

  • Organize and participate in cultural events that highlight Asian culture
  • Provide mandatory training for lab teaching assistants, tutors and graders that includes creating a supportive learning environment with emphasis on diversity issues

Civic Engagement

  • Encourage off-campus studies students to volunteer abroad
  • Study alongside members of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyata of the Lake Traverse Reservation for linguistics course
  • Requiring service-learning in the community for some courses – an example includes going into the Northfield public schools to enrich students’ understanding of course material by integrating academic study with public service

*These examples represent the variety of activities supporting diversity at Carleton and were not chosen out of preferential designation for one activity/department/initiative over another. Additionally, this is intended as a snapshot, not an interactive document. By design, there are not hyperlinks to departments or offices. 

Annual Reports

Inclusive Bathroom Reports

One example of an issue that CEDI worked to resolve was in 2017-18, when CEDI was tasked to “Assist in monitoring and communicating actions taken to address issues raised in the 2017 Bathrooms Action Team Report.” Below are reports related to this task.

Climate Summaries

CEDI strives to monitor and report on the campus climate. Summaries are generally included in CEDI’s Annual Reports but also are occasionally created through special initiatives. Follow the link below and log in to learn more about some of these assessments.

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