CEDI works to address issues that prevent students from feeling welcome and safe in their learning space.

Issues are identified either through the annual charge or during the year at Leadership Board meetings.  CEDI is currently engaged in a variety of efforts to eradicate racism and create a truly supportive and inclusive learning and work environment for every student, faculty, and staff member. Below are issues that CEDI is currently working on or has worked to resolve in the past. More information on current CEDI initiatives can be found in the annual charge.

Announcements from Carleton Today

  • Upcoming CEDI sessions to discuss inclusion – 5/4/23
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment: The Next Phase of Employee IDE Professional Development Activities – 1/12/23
  • CEDI Shares Plans for Next Phase of IDE Professional Development – 12/15/22
  • CEDI Shares Assessment Results of Spring ’22 Antiracism Training for Faculty and Staff – 11/10/22
  • CEDI Resumes Charge, Sets Priority Projects For the Year – 9/29/22