CEDI works to address issues that prevent students from feeling welcome and safe in their learning space.

Issues are identified either through the annual charge or during the year at Leadership Board meetings.  CEDI is currently engaged in a variety of efforts to eradicate racism and create a truly supportive and inclusive learning and work environment for every student, faculty, and staff member. Below are issues that CEDI is currently working on or has worked to resolve in the past. More information on current CEDI initiatives can be found in the annual charge.

Current CEDI Priorities

IDE Plan

Carleton has begun the process of developing a Community Plan for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (“the IDE Plan”) with a special focus on Black experiences. CEDI will provide expertise, facilitation, and support throughout this process.

CEDI Anti-Racism Training – A Chronology from June 2020 to the Present

By early August 2020, develop a plan for and recommend a required program of externally-provided anti-racism training for all current faculty and staff and critical volunteer groups (e.g., Board of Trustees, Alumni Council, etc.), such training to begin as soon as possible after the start of the 2020-21 academic year. This includes identifying and recommending referred provider(s) and estimating the likely cost of such a program.  

Subsequently, the Action Team should offer recommendations on how best to sustain training efforts for new and continuing employees after the initial wave of comprehensive training and some reflection on how to periodically engage all faculty and staff in continued anti-racism programming/learning.

In assembling the Action Team and in carrying out this charge, CEDI should draw upon the expertise of Carleton faculty, staff groups (SAC and Forum) and our Human Resources office, and should evaluate the needs and benefits of training as identified by faculty, students, staff, and alumni.


The membership of this action team includes two co-chairs: 

  • Brisa Zubia ’05, Director of Intercultural and International Life, and current CEDI board member
  • Thabiti Willis, Associate Professor of History and Director of Africana Studies

Team Members

  • Sharon Akimoto, Professor of Psychology
  • Marty Baylor, Associate Professor of Physics and Chair of Physics and Astronomy
  • Kirsten Budin, Human Resources (ex officio)
  • Danny Mathews, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center, and current CEDI board member
  • Armira Nance ’22, Black Student Alliance (BSA)
  • Santi Rico ’22, Carleton Student Association (CSA)
  • Lena Stein ’21, CEDI Secretary
  • Trey Williams, Director of TRIO/Student Support Services and current CEDI board member

Action Team Proposal

The Action Team completed its work and submitted its recommendation to the CEDI Leadership Board on August 29.  CEDI discussed the recommendation on September 1, endorsing the recommendations for the first year of anti-racism training for faculty and staff.  CEDI agreed that the training should be ongoing beyond the first year but urged an assessment of the initial year’s experiences before determining the best course of action for further training.  CEDI also acknowledged the additional recommendations in Section 6 of the report, noting that CEDI would encourage these perspectives be considered as part of the College’s recently-announced Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (IDE) planning process, to begin this fall.

The CEDI Co-Chairs presented this endorsement to the senior administrative team, Tuesday Group, on September 8.  Tuesday Group underscored CEDI’s endorsement of year one training, followed by assessment in preparation for ongoing training and committed to including Section 6 recommendations from the Action Team in the IDE planning process.

Tuesday Group then appointed former CEDI co-chair Kathy Evertz as project manager for carrying the anti-racism training forward and named a task force of faculty, staff, and alumni with a specific charge of interviewing trainer candidates to identify the best trainer(s) for Carleton’s needs in year one.  This group includes:  Kirstin Budin (HR & member of the Action Team), Kathy Evertz (Project Manager), Anita Fisher Egge (Forum) Jen McMurray (SAC), and Nonoko Sato ’00, Trey Williams (Action Team), Thabiti Willis (Action Team). This Task Force completed its work in November.

Anti-Racism Training Summary

The College’s senior administrative leadership mandated this training for all faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, and key alumni volunteer leaders at the advocacy of the student activist group, The Ujamaa Collective. With the help of the Action Team charged with developing an approach to such training and a subsequent Anti-Racism Training Task Force, we have identified and contracted with external trainers, Dr. Bryana French and Dr. Stephen Brookfield from the Minnesota-based team antiracisttraining.org, to offer such training.  Drs. Brookfield and French bring extensive experience with higher education communities to a series of sessions that they have created specifically with Carleton’s objectives (as articulated in the CEDI Action Team report) in mind. More details are available on the anti-racism training website.

The first phase of this initiative is planned for January through May 2021.

  • Each month will open with a community-wide event for faculty and staff that focuses on a particular building block of racial understanding. That event will be recorded and available to those unable to attend the live session.          
  • Following each community-wide event, everyone will attend one group discussion organized by racial affinity group during that month. In these gatherings, which will not be recorded, participants will go deeper into the particular theme previewed in the community-wide monthly event.

Sessions this winter and spring will cover questions such as:

  • What is racism?
  • What is implicit bias?
  • What does it mean for Carleton to commit to antiracism?
  • How does racial identity affect how people experience life at Carleton?
  • What are racial microaggressions?
  • How can individuals become allies and intervene as bystanders?

This phase of training focuses our community on the language and concerns of anti-racist work, to help each of us understand how racism is manifested/occurs at Carleton, and to develop common vocabulary to understand the experiences of our community members. We invite you to read this summary for more information about the sessions. 

Antiracism Training Survey: Summary of Findings

November 17, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Last Winter and Spring, Carleton took the first steps in what was envisioned as an ongoing, multi-year, anti-racism training effort.  This effort was spurred by student and alumni demands for a strong institutional commitment to racial equity, and the Community, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leadership Board (CEDI) was charged with developing a plan for the training. Mandatory for all faculty and staff, this first round of training was intended to establish a common understanding of anti-racism and help us begin to develop a common vocabulary for future work together. 
Designing a program for over 800 people whose experience with these topics ranges over an enormously wide spectrum was daunting, and the results were unsurprisingly imperfect.  Nevertheless, the College’s commitment to this work is unwavering, and CEDI has again been charged with developing the next stages of the effort.

To guide us in this process, a survey was conducted by Institutional Research and Assessment at the conclusion of that first round of training.  An anonymous link to the survey was distributed to nearly 850 employees, with a remarkable 535 (63%) electing to participate in the survey.  The full results of the survey are posted here, but we call your attention here to a few important findings.

First, 78% of respondents agreed that it was important for Carleton to conduct anti-racism training.  That’s an encouraging number as we look toward future iterations.

Second, only 50% agreed that the training provided was a valuable experience.  33% indicated an increase in their level of expertise with respect to anti-racism principles.  The gaps between the numbers who believe in the importance of training and the actual impact of the training represent, to us, an opportunity to find ways to better meet the needs and expectations of our community.

Third, 64% (44% “Strongly…”) supported mandatory training.
Other questions attempted to probe the effectiveness of certain aspects of the training and will feed into the development process for next steps.  Many suggestions were submitted through open response questions as well.
Where do we go from here?  The survey provides some guidance, but in order to more fully understand the needs of our community, CEDI will be conducting a series of conversations with multiple constituencies at the beginning of Winter Term to test ideas for future trainings.  We will take advantage of existing committees and working groups as well as convening some open sessions. Our goal is to create a second phase of training that more closely addresses the specific needs of the Carleton community, while at the same time honoring the recommendations of the original CEDI Action Team report.

Implementation of this next phase will begin in Spring term of this year. We note that other anti-racism and IDE efforts, independent of the “official” anti-racism training sponsored by the College for all faculty and staff, continue and offer valuable opportunities for further individual engagement with these issues. CEDI welcomes these additional initiatives, while recognizing the importance of an institution-wide effort to bring our campus closer to the goal of being an anti-racist institution.

Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts and CEDI Staff Co-Chair
Chico Zimmerman, Professor of Classics and CEDI Faculty Co-Chair

CEDI Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action, June 2020

Dear Carleton Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The CEDI (Community, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Leadership Board stands in solidarity with the Black and Brown community at Carleton and all who mourn the brutal murder of George Floyd. We say his name along with those of Ahmaud Arbery, Iyanna Dior, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Breonna Taylor and numerous others who have borne the brunt of racism and race-based violence inflicted by the systems of white supremacy and oppression in this country.

CEDI is a group of students, faculty, and staff that works to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the campus community. CEDI strives to be attentive to community concerns, raising issues that are not attended to elsewhere on campus. Our mission is to give voice to student, faculty, and staff concerns. When appropriate, we help coordinate and connect the many efforts supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus. 

Driven by our commitment to actively fight racism and other systemic inequalities, we will advocate for Black students and other students of color on this campus:

  • We will closely monitor progress being made to address the demands of the Black Student Alliance, African and Caribbean Association, Men of Color, and the Africana Studies Student Department Advisors, as the Tuesday Group has committed. We will also be attentive to CSA resolutions and individuals’ letters of concern.  We have reached out specifically to these student organizations and CSA to express support.
  • CEDI will form an Action Team, including faculty, staff, and students, to study and recommend an external entity to provide anti-racism training for faculty and staff, beginning in the 2020-21 academic year.
  • We have gathered information from our student talking circles. Other such opportunities will be organized for staff and faculty as well.
  • We will listen to community needs, identify major areas of concern, and collect ideas from the community for actions the College should consider.  We will form Action Teams made up of students, faculty, and staff to address these areas, as needed.

The CEDI Leadership Board will continue to meet during the summer with the aim of swiftly and fully implementing our action plan. Inspired by the dedicated work of students to address these issues over the past several weeks, we commit ourselves to this work wholeheartedly and look forward to engaging with the Carleton community in the months to come. 

To reach the CEDI Leadership Board with comments, questions, or interest in becoming involved with these efforts, please email cedi@carleton.edu or any of the individuals listed below.


The CEDI Leadership Board

Rhemi Abrams-Fuller (staff co-chair), Éva Pósfay (faculty co-chair), Chris Dallager, Babi De Melo Lemos ’21, Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Danny Mathews, Jen McMurray, Al Montero, Steve Richardson (staff co-chair elect), Laura Riehle-Merrill, Asuka Sango, Prathi Seneviratne, Lena Stein ’21, Jay Tasson, Miiko Taylor, Trey Williams, Brisa Zubia, Elise Eslinger (Advisor)

Further resources: many campus offices have resources available on their websites.  The links can be found on the CEDI website. SHAC offers phone counseling available 24/7/365. Call 855-705-2479.

Action Teams on Low-Income and First Generation (LIFG) Student Opportunities and Financial Literacy, February 2020

CEDI is currently supporting two different action teams which investigate ongoing work and opportunities at Carleton, develop ideas to augment this work, and make a report to the CEDI Leadership Board covering this information.

The CEDI Action Team on Low-Income and First Generation (LIFG) Student Opportunities seeks to consider the processes for participating in mentored student research, fellowships, off-campus studies, and a full range of student employment and to determine ways to augment LIFG student access to these opportunities. This action team was chaired by Asuka Sango who was joined by Sindy Fleming, R.J. Holmes-Leopold, Marynel Ryan Van Zee, Jay Tasson, and Bethstyline Chery ’21. Their report was submitted in February 2021.

The CEDI Action Team on Financial Literacy was charged with taking stock of student audiences seeking financial literacy skills and the specific skills being sought, gathering information about past efforts to address these needs, and considering a framework for conveying financial literacy skills at Carleton. This action team was chaired by Al Montero who was joined by Melanie Cashin, Tina Kukowski, Babi Lemos ’21, Maya Rogers ’21, and Prathi Seneviratne. The Team submitted its report at the end of Fall Term 2020.

Inclusive Bathroom Accessibility

In the 2017-2018 academic year, CEDI was tasked to “Assist in monitoring and communicating actions taken to address issues raised in the 2017 Bathrooms Action Team Report.” This report concluded that bathroom accessibility and labeling did not meet the needs of transgender, gender non-binary, and gender-nonconforming individuals, as well as individuals with physical disabilities. CEDI has worked to make progress on this issue, creating more compliant bathrooms across campus.

Bathroom Reports

Diversity Inventory

CEDI initiated the Diversity Inventory project in an attempt to both inform and display the variety of initiatives, practices and conversations happening on campus that promote community, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our goal was to highlight a representative sample of activities and processes that are initiated campus-wide, from academic departments to campus offices.

Snapshot of Diversity Activities