Community, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI) is a subcommittee of College Council.  Its mission is to improve campus community and promote equity and diversity on campus.  This happens by assessing campus climate needs and ideas, providing feedback on diversity and inclusion initiatives, collaborating with other groups and supporting work already happening across multiple divisions, and initiating new projects to address the priorities and needs of the campus.


CEDI will operate under the direction of a Leadership Board. The Leadership Board, facilitated by staff and faculty co-chairs, is charged with creating and reviewing short-term and long-range goals to shape and support the mission of CEDI. The Board will meet several times per term, to be determined by the co-chairs. The Leadership Board will also coordinate the work of Action Teams (defined below), as appropriate.

A secretary will be assigned through the student work-study program to take Leadership Board minutes and maintain the CEDI web site. Leadership Board members will serve a two-year term.

Leadership Board Membership (structured to ensure stability and consistency)

  • 1 Staff Co-Chair (to be selected by the President of the College)
  • 1 Faculty Co-Chair (to be selected by the Faculty Affairs Committee)
  • 1 member of the non-exempt staff (appointed or elected as determined by Staff At Carleton)
  • 2 students (appointed or elected as determined by the Carleton Student Association)
  • Action Team Coordinator(s) (will vary by year) (to be selected by the co-chairs in consultation with the President of the College and the
  • Faculty Affairs Committee)
  • Co-chair(s) of the Sexual Misconduct Committee
  • Director of Intercultural and International Life (OIIL) or a designee of the Director

Responsibilities of Co-Chairs

The role of the co-chairs will be to coordinate, communicate, and administer the work of the Leadership Board and Action Teams. The faculty and staff co-chairs will stagger their two-year terms to maintain continuity in leadership and to ease orientation of the new co-chair. Their responsibilities include:

  • Meet regularly as co-chairs to discuss the Committee’s progress, priorities, and commitments;
  • Recommend faculty and staff to serve on the Leadership Board and Action Teams, in consultation with the President’s Office, FAC, and Human Resources;
  • Prepare the agenda for each CEDI Leadership Board meeting;
  • Work with Action Team Coordinators to monitor progress towards goals;
  • Present updates to College Council as necessary, including a written annual report;
  • Meet with the President of the College twice per year and as appropriate with the senior leadership team (Tuesday Group);
  • Field questions from the community and respond to concerns as they arise.

Responsibilities of Leadership Board

The role of the Leadership Board is to collaborate as staff, faculty, and students to fulfill the mission of CEDI. The board’s responsibilities include:

  • Partner with existing committees when possible to promote a project;
  • Coordinate strategies for disseminating information to ensure that the campus community is kept informed and engaged;
  • Field questions from the community and respond to concerns as they arise;
  • Plan and coordinate short-term initiatives;
  • Set priorities for the Action Teams and facilitate communication between the Action Teams and the Leadership Board.

Action Team(s)

The Leadership Board will create Action Teams to address particular concerns. The Leadership Board will set the goal and timeline for each Action Team. Each Action Team will be asked to develop and implement a plan of action to achieve the goal, and prepare an end-project report to the Leadership Board assessing the accomplishments and details of its work.

Each Action Team will have an appointed Coordinator. While each Action Team will vary in membership, each team should not be comprised of more than two faculty, two staff, and two students (unless special circumstances dictate). The Coordinator will be expected to attend one Leadership Board meeting per term, to give updates on the progress of the Action Team. With rare exceptions, each Action Team will sunset within two years.

A Secretary should be selected from among Action Team members to write the minutes of each meeting to ensure transparency within the committee as well as with the larger College community.

Sexual Misconduct Committee

The Sexual Misconduct Committee will be an exception to the Action Team format. This Committee is a permanent committee, reporting to College Council and will serve as a permanent subcommittee of CEDI, responsible for monitoring Carleton’s Policies on Sexual Misconduct and recommending necessary changes or updates to College Council. This Committee will also consider how best to respond to campus climate issues as they relate to sexual misconduct.

Since much of the work on sexual misconduct at Carleton is done by staff from a variety of offices, this committee will also offer the space to bring these staff together to effectively collaborate and efficiently respond to needs on campus. This Committee will be co-chaired by a Faculty member and staff person. One or both of the Chairs of the Sexual Misconduct Committee will sit on the CEDI Leadership Board.

Membership of the Sexual Misconduct Committee will consist of:

  • 2 faculty members, one to be appointed co-chair (FAC Appointed)
  • 2 student members (1 CAASHA member and 1 CSA Appointed)
  • 2 staff (Presidentially appointed)
  • Title IX Coordinator (ex officio)
  • Title IX Deputy, Faculty & Staff (ex officio)
  • Title IX Deputy, Student Complaint Process (ex officio)
  • Director, Gender and Sexuality Center, Title IX Deputy, Prevention (ex officio)