Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Carleton campus community,

On behalf of the Diversity Initiatives Group, I extend my sincere thanks to all who attended today’s special common time gathering, where Professor Sue Rankin presented results from the Campus Climate Survey. As expected, the Chapel session was well-attended. We encourage campus community members to attend the follow-up question-and-answer sessions this afternoon and evening, sponsored by Staff At Carleton (SAC), Exempt Staff Forum, Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC), and Carleton Student Association (CSA).

Nearly 1,500 faculty, staff, and students completed the survey during April, 2008; Rankin & Associates spent the following months analyzing the data and preparing its report to the College.

There will be additional opportunities for follow-up conversation on campus later in the term. It is vital that the campus have time to process and understand the report’s findings. Professor Rankin will continue to be involved in helping the College with further conversations. Meanwhile, the Executive Summary and Report are now available. Tomorrow, Professor Rankin will present the findings to our Alumni Council, as the group that will frame alumni engagement around next steps. In the interest of transparency and involvement of the entire Carleton community, the report will be released to the broader alumni body later in the day tomorrow.

Thank you for your engagement in conversations about making Carleton an ever-finer college.


President Rob Oden
Chair of DIG