Supporting Inclusivity at Carleton

Community, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI) is one of the formal ways Carleton upholds our statement of diversity and creates a welcoming, inclusive environment for all.

Group of people smiling under a tree

What CEDI Does

We support the Carleton community through assessing campus climate needs and ideas, providing feedback on and support for diversity efforts, and initiating new projects to address the diversity and inclusion priorities and needs of the campus. One of CEDI’s key responsibilities is to monitor emerging issues and help the community respond in proactive ways. 

CEDI assists in promoting initiatives in each of the following areas:

Supporting Individuals

  • Educate talented and diverse students
  • Create opportunities to encounter difference

Supporting Academic Community

  • Foster diversity of thought
  • Attract and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students

Supporting Community Relationships

  • Support underrepresented groups
  • Create and affirm a culture of respect
  • Provide a safe living and learning environment

How We Do It

CEDI operates primarily through its Leadership Board and in collaboration with other campus organizations. The Leadership Board then reports progress regularly to the College Council and Tuesday Group and annually to the campus in the form of an annual report.