The CCCE supports political engagement and activism in the following ways:

List of Activist Student Organizations and Leadership

The CCCE maintains a list of all active political/activist student organizations and the contact information of their leaders, which can be found below. This information can also be viewed with a bit more description on handouts available outside the CCCE, Sayles 150.

CCCE Politics Listserv and Weekly Political Engagement Updates

( This weekly email compiles upcoming opportunities from all activist student organizations as well as local political organizations including campaigns, St. Olaf PAC, and the Northfield League of Women Voters. This message also includes a list of student org meeting times, so you know when an organization meets if you are looking to join it. It’s really the easiest way to stay informed about everything going on around campus that is politics/activism-related! If you want to be added, you can do so by emailing If you ever want to publicize an upcoming opportunity on this email list, email a brief blurb to by noon on Monday to be included in a weekly email Monday evening.

Funding and Transportation

The CCCE has supported student organization and initiatives in the past by helping to fund small expenditures for an upcoming meeting or event (This would be for expenses such as food or room set-ups. The CCCE does not fund speakers or large expenses as this is more within CSA’s realm). We also have offered transportation for activist events via EcoTrans, campus fleet vehicles, and other options. To request funding or transportation, please email with the following information: A description of the event including date and location, why you believe there is a need for this event on campus, what organization you represent, how many people you plan on attending, exactly how much money you are requesting and exactly what you plan on spending it on (if it is a funding request), and whether this event is open to all of campus. We will review this request and should be able to get back to you in a timely manner. We currently ask that all requests be sent at least a week in advance.

General Guidance and Support

The CCCE is always happy to assist students and student organizations with a variety of general guidance and institutional knowledge. This includes providing help figuring out how to get chartered or request funding from CSA (student government), assistance making a room reservation or putting a request through Print Services, and how to publicize an event or plan a project.

CCCE-sponsored Events

In addition to these facilitatory functions, the CCCE also directly sponsors certain events throughout the year in the realm of activism and political engagement. In the past, the CCCE has co-sponsored a Northfield Mayoral Debate and local candidate forums during election years. The CCCE also works in conjunction with the liberal arts consortium, Project Pericles, to sponsor the Debating for Democracy organizing workshop each winter to help better train aspiring activists and citizens on how to organize around a cause.


During national and local election seasons, the CCCE supports voter registration and get-out-to-vote efforts aimed at increasing student turnout. The Center also works to increase the availability of objective information about local candidates and organizes transportation to ensure student access to their polling location.