About the Carleton Student Farm

The Carleton Farm, a student-run organic farm, strives to grow food in sustainable and experimental ways. All of our produce goes to the dining halls.

Students operate a 1.5 acre farm that uses organic techniques. It boasts drip irrigation and a hoop house, among other innovations. The produce is sold to our dining halls and the profits pay summer farm interns.


The Carleton Student Farm is a 1.5-acre student-run farm located just north of the Carleton Recreation Center near Farm House. Each year, two new interns are chosen to plan the season, cultivate, and sell produce to the dining halls. The Carleton Student Farm Internship provides a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices by managing an organic farm on your own.

As a farm intern, you must be prepared to contribute a lot of time and energy before, during, and after the growing season. Interns will also attend the yearly MOSES conference (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service). This is the largest event about organic and sustainable farming in the U.S. and it brings together over 3400 farmers.

The summer internship is a paid 40 hour/week position for 11 weeks, but the farm interns’ responsibilities extend into the entire calendar year. Winter and Spring Term, this involves attending meetings, mapping out the farm, ordering seeds, and starting to plant. Advisor David Hougen-Eitzman and previous farm interns will guide you through this process. During the summer, your time will be spent planting, weeding, harvesting, and selling produce to Bon Appetit.

Fall Term responsibilities include harvesting, organizing Farm Club volunteer days, preparing the land for winter, and getting ready to hire and train next year’s interns. This internship requires an immense amount of responsibility and commitment. It is perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves and to learn about farming, business management, education and self-discipline. Did we mention it is very fun? Because it is SO fun.

There are very few internships where you are given an acre of land and YOU are the engine behind the operation. Applications for the coming harvest season are available in the end of Fall term, hiring happens in the beginning of Winter term.