CCCE volunteer programs are student run organizations that engage with the broader community, working alongside our community partners to address community identified goals. These programs seek to develop meaningful and reciprocal relationships with our community partners that last beyond individual students’ time at Carleton. The CCCE has a unique mission, learning objectives, and ethical civic engagement guidelines that we hope to center in the work.

Programs are organized across four focus areas, offering students a variety of angles from which to approach social change work. While the specifics of each student organization and their programming vary, all generate opportunities for civic learning and action, personal and professional development, and growing and deepening our individual and campus commitments to community engagement.

If you are interested in a local one time volunteer opportunity we invite you to review the postings listed with Northfield Shares or Rochester Family Services. Rochester Family Services is a nonprofit organization with a staff of over 150 along with 600 + volunteers that provides a wide range of services addressing mental health, child-wellbeing, family stability, and senior independence, operating in multiple counties including Rice county. Northfield Shares connects volunteers to opportunities where they can make a difference, and we help donors make a lasting impact in their community. 

Are you interested in being a Program Lead? Program Leads are student volunteers who help lead a program by recruiting other volunteers, planning programs, and coordinating logistics. Take your volunteering to the next level—we’d love to have you on our team!

Current Program Leads, do you have a new Program Lead or a change to report? Filling out this form will make sure all current Program Leads have one-card access to the CCCE, are on all the right email lists, posters, etc.

Current Program Leads and Program Coordinators

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