The most up-to-date position postings are on Handshake. To see internships with local CCCE partners, search “CCCE.” Students, with questions about funding for your community internship contact: Luke Klefstad. Partners, with questions about posting an internship contact: Erica Zweifel.

What makes for a good internship opportunity?

We want to be sure your opportunities catch the eyes of students. Check out some quick tips.

Exciting summer internships allow students to gain experience, explore possible career paths, live out their personal values, and weave together their education at Carleton with community and civic engagement.

  • Learn about and from community partner
    • Understand community partner frameworks, stakeholders, audiences
    • Explore organizational structure and development
    • Attend meetings with stakeholders, other invested parties
  • Provide opportunities to lead and manage projects or programs 
    • Plan, develop, implement, evaluate projects or programs 
    • Analyze project stakeholders, those impacted by projects or programs
    • Create opportunities to supervise volunteers
    • Transition project management, ensuring continuity of projects or programs
  • Communicate the work and values of the community partners to campus stakeholders and future Summer Interns
  • Collaborate with professionals inside and outside of the community partner
    • Build strong, meaningful relationships with community partners
  • Translate knowledge, skills, and interests learned in the classroom to support community partner projects/programs

What is the timeline for posting a summer internship at Carleton?

  • November: Develop position postings with Erica Zweifel
  • December: Posting go live on Carleton’s Handshake platform
  • February: Priority deadline for applications, with the option to extend
  • March – May: Recruitment and hiring continues until positions filled

How do students get funding for unpaid internships?

Thanks to the generous support of Carleton donors and supporters, community partners may engage Carleton students in full-time or part-time unpaid summer internships without placing a financial burden on students. Students with unpaid or underpaid internships may apply for funding from the Career Center to cover their summer expenses and savings goals, and based on the student’s need, most requests are able to be fulfilled.

How does Carleton promote local internships?

  • Social media
  • Posters
  • Student issue-area email list
  • Active recruiting among students involved in the local community through the CCCE’s other programs